U.S. Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team: The Pictures You Need To See

Today is the beginning of field hockey at the 2016 Rio Olympics! The morning sees the beginning of the USA men's field hockey team's attempts to take home gold for America. But at 4:00 eastern standard time, it's the women's team for America that has their chance to shine in Rio, as they take on the Argentinian team. Expectations are high, and an elite team has been assembled that has an excellent chance of netting America a gold medal in field hockey.

So who is on this elite field hockey team? If you paid attention in the last couple of summer Olympics, you might see some familiar faces. There are 16 players on the roster. Of these 16 players, 9 of them were on the 2012 Olympic team, and 3 of those players were also on the 2008 Olympic team. They did not receive a medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics, but neither did their opponent today, Argentina. Anything can happen. Here is the 2016 US Women's Olympic field hockey team. (Instagram/usafieldhockey_wnt)