WWE SummerSlam: Why Did Sasha Banks Lose Title to Charlotte?

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Sasha Banks must find herself an ally tonight on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (WWE.com)

WWE fans were shocked at SummerSlam to see Sasha Banks lose her title after a reign of only one month. So why was this decision made?

We don’t yet have any official word from the WWE, but PWInsider is reporting that Banks lost so that she could take some time off to recover from injuries and that this decision was made about a week ago. Backing this up, Pro Wrestling Sheet on Monday reported that The Boss is dealing with a back injury and will receive a medical evaluation in early September.

If true, this will come as a relief to many Sasha Banks fans, who grew anxious when it was observed by WrestlingInc that her name had been removed from the listing of every upcoming WWE event until September 23rd. That just so happens to be 33 days away, which would be about when someone would return if they were suspended for a wellness policy violation.

Last week, Alberto Del Rio, Paige and Eva Marie were all suspended within 24 hours for violating the wellness policy. There have been rumors that more suspensions are on the way, and the WWE has had a history with delaying these announcements until after a pay-per-view event. Earlier this summer, Roman Reigns lost his title to Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, only to be suspended for a wellness policy violation the very next day. At the time, The Wrap reported that the WWE knew about Reigns’ violation prior to the pay-per-view, but they let him compete so as to fit his absence into the storyline better.

So when Sasha Banks unexpectedly lost at SummerSlam, it certainly felt like a similar situation was happening, and the WWE needed to quickly end her storyline prior to a 30 day suspension. We don’t yet know for sure that this isn’t what’s happening with Banks, and it’s possible an announcement is coming soon. But right now, all signs are pointing towards an injury rather than a policy violation, with The Boss having to forfeit her title so her back can heal.

It’s unclear at this time whether Sasha Banks was also legitimately hurt during her match against Charlotte. Charlotte dropping Banks at one point certainly seemed like a botch that could have caused some serious damage, especially if Banks was already dealing with injuries, and she was helped backstage afterwards by two referees. PWInsider is reporting that nothing that happened in tonight’s match was a determining factor for Sasha’s upcoming break or for the title change, but if this was all a work, Banks sustaining injuries during SummerSlam may still become the in-storyline reason for her absence.

During SummerSlam, the other popular theory about why Banks lost was that she’d be taking time off to go on her honeymoon. That would make sense considering she recently married fellow pro wrestler Mikaze, but 30 days is an extraordinarily long time for a WWE superstar to take off for this reason, especially one of the company’s champions.