NFL Power Rankings Week 8


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Agree with your order. Watching that Atlanta Green Bay game I think the sleeping giant that is the Green Bay offense may be stirring. They had a lot of inactives yesterday. Should some of those players start showing up to play they might be a factor.

Justin Lorick

Worst power rankings ever. You have the chiefs behind Oakland, a team the demolished, and a team that squeezes by terrible teams smh. Oh and minus a bye week, they have the same record

Jonathan Adams

I appreciate the feedback. I don’t just use head-to-head records as that is one week versus an entire season we are considering. You notice I have the Chiefs ahead of the Steelers despite Pittsburgh having a sizable victory over them earlier this season. I think an argument could be made for the Chiefs, Raiders or Broncos to be ranked highest. The health of Alex Smith concerns me a bit but if the Chiefs keep winning they will continue to move up the rankings.

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