FanDuel NBA Picks, Advice & Analysis for November 9

With 11 games on Wednesday's NBA schedule, options are plentiful for FanDuel players. Among those in action are guards Russell Westbrook ($11,500) and James Harden ($11,100), and forwards Kevin Durant ($9,600) and Kawhi Leonard ($8,800). Also to be considered is Golden State guard Stephen Curry ($8,900), as the Warriors are hosting Dallas in a matchup that could work in their favor. The Mavericks, who are currently playing without the injured Dirk Nowitzki, have been solid defensively as they rank tenth in the NBA in scoring defense and 12th in defensive rating.

But this is a team that's shorthanded, with Deron Williams and Devin Harris also out due to injury. J.J. Barea and Wesley Matthews are leading the way on the perimeter, and Harrison Barnes has given the Mavericks much-needed scoring with Nowitzki sidelined. But the hit to their depth puts Dallas in a tough spot when it comes to defending Golden State's perimeter weapons. While the focus there will be on Curry, who made an NBA-record 13 three-pointers Monday, and Durant, could the end result be a breakout night for Klay Thompson ($5,900)? That's just one things FanDuel players will have to consider when putting together their lineups.

Click through for some roster possibilities, with the FanDuel rules of a nine-player roster with a cap of $60,000 being used. (Getty)

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