Falcons Memes: The Best Funny Memes After Super Bowl Loss to Patriots

Some time has passed since Super Bowl LI, but fans are still trying to make sense of one the most surprising outcomes in NFL history. The Atlanta Falcons lost 34-28 despite holding a 25-point lead in the third quarter. Depending on how you view the second half, it was either an amazing comeback by the Patriots or an epic collapse by the Falcons. The truth lies somewhere in the middle as the Patriots did get hot in the fourth quarter, but the Falcons made plenty of mistakes to open up the door for the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. It marked the only overtime game in Super Bowl history. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan took to Instagram to offer some encouragement to Falcons fans. "We came up short last night and my heart hurts for you Atlanta. Hats off to New England they played a heck of a game. We will adapt, we will over come, we will #RiseUp again," Ryan's Instagram caption stated. It was a heartbreaking loss for Atlanta who have only made two Super Bowls and were minutes away from securing their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. Instead, Tom Brady engineered an amazing comeback to win his fifth Super Bowl. It is a loss that will stick with Falcons fans, but Patriots fans will remember the comeback for many years to come. The internet was not too kind to the Falcons after their second half meltdown. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to take a look at the funniest memes after the Falcons Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. (Twitter/@NFL_Memes)

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