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4 Best Home Golf Simulators for Sale: Compare, Buy & Save

home golf simulators for sale


Home golf simulators allow you to practice 365 days a year, rain or shine, without having to leave the house. Designed to give immediate feedback on all your swings, these simulators will help with stroke improvement and consistency, so you’re more confident on the course.

Unlike golf swing analyzers, which use sensors attached to the clubs, many home simulators allow you to hit an actual golf ball just like you would on a real course, but in this case into a screen or net in your house. Simple and convenient. So check out our picks below of some of the most popular home golf simulators for sale to help you decide which is right for your place.

What are the Best Home Golf Simulators for Sale?

skytrak sig10 home golf simulator
  • Real-time visual feedback
  • Full-screen simulation
  • Launch monitor included
Price: $7,299.99 Shop now at Shop Indoor Golf Shop now Read our review
optishot 2 home simulator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes net & practice balls
  • Realistic practice
  • 14 pro courses available
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
optishot 2 golf in a box Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Net & mat included
  • Access to over 40 courses worldwide
  • Multiple camera views
Price: $800.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
optishot 2 golf in a box pro Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Retractable screen enclosure
  • Net & mat included
  • 4-player option
Price: $9,490.80 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
phigolf home golf simulator Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Convenient
  • Analyzes your swing immediately
  • Realistic graphics
Price: $249.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

    • SkyTrak launch monitor is very accurate and easy to use and provides launch angle, back spin, and carry distance
    • Software includes real courses, 3D driving range, target practice, competitions (solo or multi-player), and more
    • The SIG10 screen is ultra-durable and shows 100 percent of the image in HD
    • It's expensive
    • It might take a while to assemble
    • It's pretty big, so you'll need make sure you have the space

    Arguably one of the top home golf simulators for sale, the SkyTrak SIG10 is highlighted by a large HD screen, accurate launch monitor, and software designed to improve your overall game.

    The launch monitor is about as accurate as you’ll find and it tracks a number of measurements including launch angle, back spin, and carry distance. The large screen (8-feet-4 high by 10-feet-10 wide by 5 feet deep) shows 100 percent of the image, unlike other models, in full HD. The protective metal case is laser cut from 13-gauge steel and has adjustable leveling legs.

    The software allows you to play at 12 famous courses, including Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, St, Andrews Old Course, and more. There’s also a 3D driving range, single or multi-player competitions for longest drive and closest to the pin, custom weather settings, skills assessment, and target practice. It will track your progress and gives immediate feedback.

    Other features included are an Optoma EH412ST Projector, a projector shield enclosure, a Fairway Series Mat (5 feet by 5 feet), a landing pad turf, and a protective side barrier netting.

    You’ll need a room with the minimum dimensions of 12 feet wide, 16 feet long, and 9 feet high.

    Take your shot skills to the next level and pick up one of our choices for the best game improvement irons.

  2. 2. OptiShot 2 Home Simulator Bundle

    • Realistic 3D and high-definition graphics to track your shots
    • You can play and practice on 14 world famous golf courses
    • The bundle includes a 7 foot Callaway net and 18 HX practice golf balls
    • Some might find it difficult to learn at first
    • Some felt the sensors didn't give accurate feedback
    • Some thought the net wasn't very strong

    Play some world famous coures while working on your game in the privacy and comfort of your own home with the OptiShot 2 Home Simulator Bundle, which includes a 7 foot Callaway hitting net and 18 HX practice golf balls. You can also use real golf balls if you choose.

    Compatible with Mac OS and Windows, simply connect the simulator to a projection/TV or a computer and you can track your shots and patterns that way. It’s designed to track your stats from all your clubs.

    Featuring realistic 3D high-definition graphics, you can play a round of golf in an hour with the OptiShot 2. 

    The new OptiShot Live allows you to play online against others at courses like Bethpage Black, Torrey Pines, Royal Lytham & St. Annes, and more. 

  3. 3. OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box

    • The 16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors provide accurate swing analysis
    • You can pick from 6 different game types and weather conditions
    • Season Pass allows you access to newer courses and the ability to play against golfers from around the world
    • Some users tbought it wasn't durably made (the netting)
    • Some might find downloading the software difficult
    • On the pricey side

    The OptiShot Golf In A Box takes the indoor simulation to another level with the Season Pass, which gives you access to over 40 new courses and the ability to play against golfers from all over the world.

    Not only does it give you very accurate swing analysis on all your golf clubs, thanks to the 16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors, but you’ll get top-notch 3D graphics of some of the most famous golf courses in the world, including Cog Hill and Crooked Stick. You can play 6 game styles, change weather conditions, and get multiple camera views from the comfort of your own home. And you’ll get instant feedback on all aspects of your swing.

    In the package is the simulator, a hitting mat (4 feet by 5 feet), and a large net (10 feet wide by 8 feet tall). Set it all up, plug an HDMI cable into your computer or TV (or projection screen), and you’re ready to play.

    There are updated versions of this simulator, including the OptiShot Golf In A Box 2 and OptiShot Golf In A Box 3. You’ll get extra features with each of these, including an Impact Screen and Short Thrown Projector on the Golf In A Box 3 for a better playing experience.



  4. 4. OptiShot Golf In A Box Pro

    • The short-throw projector has very bright and clear images and delivers an 18000:1 contrast ratio
    • Extra large viewing screen measures 7.5 feet by 7 feet
    • Comes with 15 worldwide courses (with access to others) and instant feedback and analysis
    • Expensive
    • Might be too big for some indoor spaces
    • Some users felt the putting analysis wasn't very effective

    When it comes to the best home golf simulators for sale, the OptiShot Golf In A Box Pro is regarded as a top-of-the-line product that provides instant shot feedback and analysis and crystal clear graphics thanks to the Impact Screen and Short Thrown Projector.

    This bundle includes the simulator, a high density foam and turf mat (4 feet by 5 feet), a retractable screen enclosure and wall mount, downloadable software, 15 golf courses to play on, rubber tees, 2 foam practice balls, and a USB cable (10 feet long).

    The screen enclosure has netting to keep golf balls from leaving the area and is generously sized at 7.5 feet by 7 feet. It can be mounted to either the ceiling or the wall. The projected provides excellent quality and crystal clear graphics and has 18,000:1 contrast ratio.

    You can play with up to 4 golfers at one time and using the Season Pass will allow you access to even more courses and lend the ability to face off against golfers from all over the world.

    Whether you’re working with your drivers, irons, or putter, the OptiShot Golf In A Box Pro will give you immediate shot analysis and tendencies.


  5. 5. PhiGolf Home Golf Simulator

    • You get access to some of the most famous courses in the world for realistic play
    • The 9 axis sensor gives an in-depth analysis of your swing
    • PhiGolf app comes with 7 game modes including stroke game, nearest to hole, longest drive, and more
    • The sensor is designed to be used with the training club not your real clubs (though you can attach it there)
    • Some thought the analysis wasn't very accurate
    • You don't actually hit a golf ball and some prefer that in home simulation

    A little bit different from the traditional home golf simulator, this model from PhiGolf includes a golf swing training aid club that allows you to practice indoors and get immediate shot feedback.

    You just don’t use your traditional clubs. Simply put the sensor in the end of the golf grip of the training club, take your swing and it will analyze your stroke and transmit the data to the PhiGolf Sim app so you can review it. 

    You’ll need a smartphone, tablet, or an AppleTV to play PhiGolf then you can connect to a big screen TV.

    Combine this with the World Golf Tour (WGT) mobile game app and you can get access to courses worldwide such as Pebble Beach and St. Andrews that you can “play.” There are 7 game modes, including closest to the pin, longest drive, and more.

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