Nike Logo Plastered On Front of 2020 MLB Jerseys: Great or Awful?

Nike Nike X MLB jersey

Nike premiered the designs of what all MLB jerseys will look like in the 2020 season, and it’s suffice to say the new look received a mixed reaction at best.

The upcoming season marks the first on-field example of Nike’s partnership with the MLB as its official uniform provider, and instead of the Nike swoosh being featured on the sleeve, as it has for decades, the logo is now prominently positioned smack dab on the front of the jersey, which was met with both indifference and outrage online.

“We’re excited to kick off our partnership with Major League Baseball with the unveil of next season’s uniforms,” Hal Melhart, Senior Product Line Manager for Nike Diamond, said in a statement. “Each franchise has a deeply personal history, with a visual identity that continues in this update. In the future, we look forward to preserving this integrity while still bringing more of Nike’s creativity to uniform designs, as we build energy around the game for its players and its fans.”

To see what all the new 2020 MLB jerseys look like up close, click here.

A Great Deal Of Fans Found The New Logo To Be An Awful Eyesore

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the new MLB jerseys. Generally, it’s hard to fix what’s not broken, so to mess with a look fans have grown to love for decades, naturally, there would be some backlash.

It appears the jerseys getting the most hate are from fans of teams that have stripes on their shirts. The logo appears to just cut into the natural design, the swoosh being nothing but a weird and unnecessary distraction. Twitter user Billy Ballas wrote, “New MLB jerseys with nike logo on the chest look tacky, like something you would get at a discount store, not an authentic jersey to be worn on the field by the players.”

Frank P. Jr. tweeted, “The Nike logo on the front looks awful and I’ll never let it go.”

Tons Of Fans Believe The New Jerseys Look Great & Complaining About Them Is Ridiculous

Upon seeing the “Nike Logo” becoming the No.1 trend on Twitter, users online wished fans could get outraged about something else other than MLB jerseys. Others simply just love the new look and wanted the naysayers to go away and shut up.

One Twitter member shared, “Would I have preferred the Nike logo go on the sleeve like the Majestic one was? Yes. Is the Nike logo being on the chest “ruining” the tradition of the #Yankees? No. By the time the All-Star Break rolls around no one will notice it.”

Some users online compared the Nike MLB jerseys to professional soccer jerseys, which are all front-loaded with paid logos.

However, many of the people online trashing the complaints about the 2020 MLB jerseys are not baseball fans at all, they’re merely annoyed at seeing such passion toward professional sports.

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