Revisiting The Late Great Sean Taylor’s Epic Pro Bowl Hit [WATCH]

Redskins Sean Taylor Pro Bowl Hit

Getty Redskins Great Sean Taylor

Former Miami Hurricane and Washington Redskins standout safety Sean Taylor was a generational talent. One who’s career trajectory seemed primed for Canton, Ohio and the National Hall of Fame. However, a tragic murder at the hands of a gunman in the confinement of Taylor’s own home back in 2007 cut his brilliant career and life short at just 24-years of age.

Today is the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl, and while we will never get to see Taylor take a football field again, every year around this time we get to shed a smile as we look back at one of his career-defining highlights. One that epitomized the hard-nosed and balls to the wall type of competitor he will always be remembered for.

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Watch Sean Taylor Lay the Wood on Hopeless Punter

Brian Moorman was a two-time Pro Bowl punter for the Buffalo Bills. In fact, he owns one of the longest punts in NFL history with a staggering 84-yarder, and is a member of the Bills’ 50th-anniversary team along with the NFL 2000’s all-decade team.

However, you can put all of Moorman’s accolades to the side, because whether he likes it or not, he will forever be remembered for one thing, being on the receiving end of one of the greatest hits in NFL history.

In a league where the Pro Bowl of current day is treated much more like a heavily padded two-hand touch game rather than an actual competitive event, Sean Taylor’s tenacity is something to behold. The former safety epitomized the type of football that we grew up loving, and he will forever be missed.

A Piece of Taylor Sticks With Moorman To This Day

Moorman informed back in the day that “I tell people that was my 15 seconds of fame. Every year I still get text messages or emails or calls or somebody tweets at me or whatever it might be.”

Per NBCSports, Moorman has several framed jerseys of his own hanging on his wall at home. However, only one of them faces the opposite way. Why you might ask? Because it still has pieces of gold paint from Taylor’s facemask imprinted on it.

“I’m able to take pride that I was able to take that kind of a hit. He caught me right on my shoulder. I can say that because there’s still a little fleck of his facemask paint embedded in that jersey and a hole in the shoulder. It’s the only jersey I framed frontwards because you can see that. All the rest of them are framed backwards. You can see a little bit of yellow paint if you get up close. It’s right there. I didn’t realize that until I framed it. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, that’s crazy.” There were pictures of just before me being hit. I could never find a picture of me getting hit. It’s one of the most memorable parts of my career.”

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