Cowboys Fans Call for Andy Dalton to Start Amid Dak Prescott Contract Squabble

Andy Dalton

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Dallas Cowboys fans have grown disenchanted with Dak Prescott.

Amid his ongoing fight for a long-term contract, many in Cowboys Nation are turning on the franchise-tagged quarterback and gravitating toward his newly-minted backup, ex-Bengals starter Andy Dalton.

If Prescott won’t accept what Dallas wants to pay him, the masses collectively concluded, then Dalton is the right man for the job.

Here’s a smattering of comments from the Heavy on Cowboys Facebook page:

I’ve been a cowboy fan since I was a little did quarterback ain’t worth the money you want to give him you just got a quarterback that can do just as well as he can set Prescott down don’t play himif he’s turning down that much money he don’t want to be on the team give Andy Dalton a chance

I’m a diehard cowboy fan but no one is worth that kind of $$$$ what ever happened to just making a comfortable living,greed almost always cost u at the end.bring on Andy Dalton!

Dak wouldn’t get that much in the open market. Take what is being offered. You had some good stats but ended with no championship or ring. Kick rocks! Send him to the Jets and keep Dalton. Something Dak will regret for the rest of his life, greedy SOB. Cowboys have a lot of talent and want to be able to keep them next year.

Dak is as good as he is because of the weapons he has. Cowboys just gifted him Super Bowl capable team and this is what he is doing. Go ahead Dak, go find yourself another team. Let Andy have a shot.

Cowboys, tell Dak Prescott to get lost! He is not a top tier QB and Andy Dalton can fill QB slot easily. I believe Andy can take the Cowboys to the playoffs and possibly SB.

Zeke is our engine to our car. Dalton will do just fine with all these new weapons for him. Dak can move on cause he ain’t worth getting our team into cap hell again

Time to let Dalton run the offense. Dak you should be very disappointed.. in yourself. A lot of people believed in you and now your being greedy and you haven’t even made it to the Super Bowl. Dak Prescott is not deserving to be making more than Mahomes or Wilson. This dude is now officially a JOKE

Been a Cowboys fan since 79. Time to let Dak go. Nobody is worth that kind of money especially Dak. Let Dalton play and get a QB next year.

Launch this guy now. Fans going through this pandemic don’t give a damn about him retesting the market or an insane $45 million dollar final year for a guy that can’t beat teams with a winning record. Cut the losses and hand the ball to Zeke with a competent Dalton.

I’m a die hard cowboy fan, but I must be honest in saying that Dak is not worth the money he’s asking for. Release him. Dalton can get it done.

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Dalton Aims to Learn Under — Not Leap Over — Dak

The 32-year-old has self-serving interests with the Cowboys, but none which pose a threat to Prescott’s job. Earlier this month, Dalton reaffirmed his nonthreatening status to the team’s incumbent signal-caller, stating that his goal is to “help Dak as much as I can” before retesting the open market in 2021.

“Obviously, I bring a lot of experience. … Hopefully, this sets me up for the future,” said Dalton, who won 70 regular-season games over his nine-year tenure in Cincinnati.

Dalton has been around the NFL block long enough to know the score. He’s on a highly-incentivized one-year pact in which he’s guaranteed “just” $3 million. The 26-year-old he’s plopped behind is fighting for, and likely will receive, a record-setting contract coming off a career season.

The Cowboys, who fancy themselves Super Bowl contenders, are hoping (if secretly) that Dalton never sees the field in 2020. And Dalton, he claims, isn’t planning on it, either, even with an unlockable $4 million on the line.

“Dak has played really well. I knew the situation I was coming into. … Dak is the starter on this team. If for some reason he was to go down I will be able to step in and help this team,” he said, per the Dallas Morning News.

Dalton also revealed that upon joining the squad he sent a formal text message to Prescott, who responded in kind.

“I sent him a text, reaching out. That’s been about it. …I just told him I’m excited to be here, and I’m going to help in any way that I can,” he said, per the Dallas Morning News.

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