Anthony Davis, LeBron James Have Little Brother-Big Brother Bond per Analyst

LeBron James, at left, and Anthony Davis of the Lakers

Getty LeBron James, at left, and Anthony Davis of the Lakers

The NBA paused their season after the spread of the global coronarvirus pandemic.

Prior to the halt, the Los Angeles Lakers sat at 49-14 in the NBA’s Western Conference standings.

One of the huge bright spots for the Lakers has been chemistry.’s Senior Writer Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson discusses NBA season in Orlando, Florida with Orox Leather’s Levi Martinez

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Los Angeles Lakers forward, Anthony Davis has been with the team for one year and this season the Kentucky product has averaged 26.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 1.5 steals and 2.4 blocks per game.

He’s found his rhythm with LeBron James since the season’s opening night. “I didn’t think we were going to be able to connect this fast just because of the fact he had a lot of stuff going on this summer with ‘Space Jam,” Anthony Davis told me in November.

“So we didn’t get a lot of time to work out together. Then we hit a short training camp and had to go to China, and all that stuff, so I’m surprised that we’ve got a little connection right now.”

Lakers sharpshooter, Danny Green marveled at the Lakers chemistry during our interview in December. “The scary thing for us is that we feel like we’re playing well,” Danny Green told Nkwa Asonye, Jr. and myself during the telecast of the Battle In The Apple tournament at the Barclays Center on the BallerTV Network.

“But we’re not at our full potential yet. We’re 100% healthy and all of our guys are playing well and our guys are playing our best basketball.”

That same energy has apparently been found with local Los Angeles media and their interaction with the Lakers.

On a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I caught up with Lauren A. Jones of Lojo Media. Jones shared how she developed a rapport with Anthony Davis. “It’s so funny because just when I felt like that I had gathered my bearings on different relationships and friendships with some of the guys last year in Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lonzo [Ball] and those guys,” she tells the Scoop B Radio Podcast.


Lauren A. Jones of Lojo Media. Photo Courtesy of Lojo Media Instagram

“Pretty much the whole young core was traded and so, I had to start all over again with building these relationships and it takes time for players to get to know you and have a certain level of comfort and sometimes that never happens.”

Then along came Anthony Davis. “But Anthony Davis, it was actually pretty immediate that I felt a certain level of comfort,” Jones tells Scoop B Radio.

“It’s his infectious personality. He’s very down to earth, very cool and he really does bring you out some really great qualities in LeBron. It’s a really unique little brother-big brother bond, even though AD is taller than ‘Bron and it’s really cool because their lockers are next to each other and their lockers sit on one wall and the rest of the team is kind of on the surrounding wall so, you see them getting dressed together, and crack jokes back and forth, talk about what wine they’re going to drink that night, or where they’re going to do after game or you know, whatever it is you really get to see their fun, playful dynamic; you know. Talk crap under their breath during interviews and so, at first, I was a little nervous because he IS a superstar and he’s one of the most elite players and dominant players in the league and I had to realize that he’s 26 and I’m 26; we’re the same age and so as soon as I had gotten that, it really started to feel like that you were developing a really good working relationship. So, I’m appreciative that even though these guys are huge stars and you know, it can feel weird for a lot of people to interview them on a regular basis or to interact with them, you have to realize that they’re not too far off from you in terms of age and to what they like music-wise. I mean I asked about the DooWop album, ‘Cappin’Ain’t Dead’ and he said he’s just finishing it so, you just have to try to find the similarities and human aspects of a lot of these players trivialize because they’re just like you.”

The Lakers are looking to win a championship with Davis and James. The NBA could like resume their season next month at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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