Ex-Celtics Guard Calls Out Former Teammate for Disrespect

Jayson Tatum and Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Jayson Tatum and Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics.

Over the past few seasons, the Boston Celtics have had a lot of players come and go from the roster. In some cases, such as big man Al Horford, some have even left the team and returned at a later date. The point is, plenty of players have passed through the organization.

During that time, those players have formed close relationships with one another. Guys like Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, and others are still close with some of the core members of the Celtics. And the other day, one former Celtics got into a funny Twitter argument with forward Grant Williams.

Williams has begun streaming on Twitch, and in turn, he gets the chance to speak to a live audience. Well, on a recent stream, Williams called out former Celtics guard Josh Richardson, challenging him to a game of FIFA. Richardson didn’t take kindly to the call-out, though.

“PIZZA.?!?!? Nah no way he can’t be talking about me . We can put a thousand on it right now @Grant2Will,” Richardson tweeted.

It’s clear that it’s all jokes between the two former teammates, but it was still funny to watch the interaction unfold. Richardson was responding to Williams’ challenge because he didn’t think the wager was fruitful enough.

Williams’ Original Challenge for Richardson

While playing a game of Fall Guys on stream, the topic of FIFA came up. Williams called out Richardson, who was his teammate on the Celtics earlier this past season and also attended the same college as Williams, as both are Tennessee Volunteers.

“Celtic, Dallas Maverick, Philadelphia 76er, Miami Heat, and Tennessee legend. Anytime you want to play FIFA, hit my line. Simple and plain. Because, at the end of the day, you will get pizza,” Williams proclaimed.

Where the pizza came into the equation is unknown, but Williams is fairly confident that he can take down Richardson in FIFA. But once Richardson responded to his challenge on Twitter, Williams saw it and complained that the veteran wing always needs to bring money into the equation.

“😂😂😂😂😂😂 d*** why it always gotta be money with you,” Williams responded.

Maybe sometime soon we’ll get to see Williams and Richardson battle one another in FIFA for… a slice of pizza? Or, if Richardson gets his way, they could be playing for a thousand dollars. Regardless, the match would undoubtedly be a fun one to watch.

This isn’t the first time Williams has called out a fellow Celtic on Twitter, either, as he seems to enjoy causing a ruckus on the internet.

Williams Calls Out Jayson Tatum

After recent photos of Tatum working out at the gym went somewhat viral on Twitter, Williams made sure to give his input. In one of the images, Tatum was seen using 75-lb weights, which Williams quickly pointed out to be light numbers.

 “75 😂😂😂 @jaytatum0,” Williams tweeted.

Tatum quickly responded, claiming that it was just a warm-up set, but regardless, seeing Williams relentlessly troll his teammates and former teammates on Twitter is hilarious to watch.

The only question is, who will be his next target? Keep an eye on the Celtics forward’s Twitter feed to find out.

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