Proposed Trade Sees Ex-Celtics Wing Join Division Rival in 3-Team Blockbuster

Josh Richardson, formerly of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Josh Richardson, formerly of the Boston Celtics.

Last season was a wild ride for the Boston Celtics. They ended up making it all the way to the NBA Finals, but at the beginning of the season, some were questioning whether or not they would even make the playoffs. That’s how rough things were in Boston.

But luckily, some trade-deadline maneuvers and a shift in philosophy helped the team inch closer to their full potential. Unfortunately, some quality players were thrown into the fire along the way. One of them, Josh Richardson, was shipped off to the San Antonio Spurs in the trade for Derrick White.

Richardson played very well in San Antonio, but as the Spurs attempt to enter a full-on rebuild, he doesn’t really fit their timeline. In turn, he could get traded during the upcoming season, and one recently-proposed deal, suggested by Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report, would see him join a divisional rival.

Here’s the full outline of the proposed trade:

Nets receive: Richardson, Jakob Poeltl, Kendrick Nunn

Lakers receive: Ben Simmons, Doug McDermott

Spurs receive: 2027 1st-Round Pick (via LAL), 2029 1st-Round Pick (via LAL), 2023 2nd-Round Pick (via LAL), 2025 2nd-Round Pick (via LAL), Max Christie, Russell Westbrook

Swartz believes that Richardson would make sense in this deal for the Nets if they want to remain competitive, and especially if they keep Kyrie Irving.

How Richardson Helps Nets

Despite Kevin Durant requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, the team still seems to be set on competing. So, if they want to field a competent team, their return in this proposed trade would be ideal.

“If Brooklyn plans to keep Kyrie Irving, it doesn’t need another point guard like Simmons, especially with Patty Mills re-signing this offseason. Getting three starting-caliber pieces would help fill out the roster around Irving and Kevin Durant, which would possibly convince KD to drop his trade request.

“Poeltl is a terrific defensive center, Richardson is a proven two-way wing and Nunn averaged 15.0 points per game and shot 39.2 percent from three as a starter in 2020-21,” Swartz wrote.

But obviously, the big hitter in this trade would be Simmons joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

Swartz Explains Simmons-Lakers Move

This proposed trade is centered around the idea of Simmons joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles. Would that Big 3 work out better than last year’s? Swartz thinks so, and he explained his reasoning thoroughly:

Klutch All-Stars assemble!

If there was ever a time to buy stock in Simmons, one of the NBA’s best, most versatile defenders and playmakers, this is it. Pairing him with a mentor of his in LeBron James, someone who will forever get the majority of the praise and criticism and help get the attention off Simmons, is an ideal situation for the 26-year-old as he makes his return to the court.

Simmons can handle the ball and run the offense while reducing the workload for James, and he should also be fine with Anthony Davis and the four-time MVP taking the majority of the shots. For a Lakers team that slipped to 21st in defense last season, swapping out Westbrook for Simmons is a massive upgrade that allows Los Angeles to use all sorts of lineups.

Shooting is an issue with Simmons, so the Lakers also pick up McDermott, one of the best floor-spacers in the NBA (42.2 percent from three last season).

This trade involves two Celtics rivals – one inter-division team and one long-time foe. Having Richardson at the center of it all just provides all the more intrigue for Boston fans.

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