Celtics Guard Reveals Injury Status After Scary Fall

Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

Getty Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics wrapped up their preseason schedule on Friday night in an overtime loss to the Toronto Raptors, 137-134. Boston was out-rebounded by a bunch, turned the ball over in crucial moments, and just wasn’t able to keep up their smooth offense from the first half.

However, the biggest story to come out of the game had nothing to do with the final result. Instead, everyone was talking about two things – Jayson Tatum getting ejected and the injuries to the Celtics’ backcourt. Both were troubling occurrences.

Tatum picked up two technicals, and in the same moment where he earned his second, Grant Williams got a tech, and the team got a tech for their second delay of game. Meanwhile, both Malcolm Brogdon and Marcus Smart got injured. Luckily for fans, Brogdon’s injury isn’t considered serious, and after the game, Smart revealed that he should be fine moving forward.

“I feel like I’m all right. But the adrenaline is still going right now. Hopefully in the morning I feel all right,” Smart said, as tweeted by Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe.

Smart tweaked his leg in the first half of the game and then seemingly re-injured it in the fourth quarter when he slipped and fell on the court floor (which was full of wet patches all night).

In addition, Himmelsbach also noted that Brogdon’s injury wasn’t a big deal, and if it were to have occurred in a regular season game, he likely would have remained available.

As for the comedy of errors that led to Tatum’s ejection, Williams spoke about that post-game.

Williams: ‘Referee the Game’

While Williams wasn’t the center of attention during the technical fest, he did pick one up while arguing Tatum’s case. And when he revealed what he said to the referees, it came as a bit of a shock.

He said that he told the referees to “referee the game, not your emotions.”

“JT got a tech for I guess slamming the ball,” Williams said. “He said that’s BS or something simple — something that you normally don’t get a tech for. Then, that was a tech. … I guess JT waved him off, got ejected. And then I said, ‘Referee the game, not your emotions.’ Then I got a technical. After that, we got a delay of game technical because JT didn’t walk off the court immediately.”

And while the game doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, Williams did note that the Celtics need to use this experience as a learning opportunity moving forward.

Williams: ‘You’re Going to Make Mistakes’

Tatum’s technicals won’t carry over into the regular season, so Boston will be fine moving forward. However, Williams did state that the Celtics should use this as something to learn and grow from.

“In that scenario, we got to do a better job getting JT off the floor, and I got to do a better job just holding my tongue and not making commenting. It’s what preseason’s all about: You got to learn and understand you’re going to make mistakes. I think that’s something we’ll improve on and not carry over into the regular season,” Williams explained.

Hopefully, Tatum and Williams can avoid getting technicals at this rate during the regular season.

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