Mavericks Guard Calls Out NBA Referee for Targeted Obscene Language

Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks.

Getty Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks squeaked out a win over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night, earning a 111-110 victory. Luka Doncic put in another great shift with 35 points, eight rebounds, and six assists, but the main story of the night surrounded Spencer Dinwiddie.

Dinwiddie had 21 points and seven assists of his own, but after the game, he revealed that referee Tony Brothers referred to him as a “b****-a** m*****f*****” to one of his teammates.

“Everybody’s a competitor out there,” Dinwiddie said. “I understand it’s the heat of the moment. I’ve definitely said swear words, but like if I was playing against somebody on the other team and they said that to my teammate, I would be like listen, ‘Hey, I’m right here.’ But because obviously [referees are in] positions of authority and whatnot, you can’t necessarily ask for that address, so I’m just taking my fair stance and saying, ‘Hey, look, if you feel that way, fine by me, just say it to my face, like any other grown man.’ That’s all I want.”

This news comes less than two weeks after the NBA Referees announced their “Respect for the Game” policies on Twitter. In the “not permissible” section was a rule that stated players are not allowed to use profanity while complaining about a call, as it would result in a technical foul.

Dinwiddie Not Mad at Language

In the case of Dinwiddie, however, he’s not mad at the language Brothers. He’s more upset that the referee didn’t say anything to his face.

“I’m not even mad at the language. Everybody has said things before when they are upset or feeling sensitive or hurt. That’s fine. Just say it to my face.”

The Mavericks guard received a technical foul in the second quarter after disputing a transition take foul. He apologized to Brothers for clapping after the game, which was the action that seemingly made the referee upset.

“I apologize to Tony Brothers for what seemed to keep him irate, which was a clap,” Dinwiddie said. “He thought it was disrespectful. If you watch the games, and I know that’s what refs are supposed to do, you see I clap to get the attention of my teammates, things of that nature, but it was nothing personal, so as a man, I would like to say I’m sorry first and foremost.”

Dinwiddie Asks for Money Back

While Dinwiddie handled the situation like a professional and even apologized to Brothers for making him upset, he did have one request for the league – to get his money back.

“And secondarily I would like to say, not only would I like my [fine] money back, but I would like to not be called a bitch ass motherf—er to my teammates,” Dinwiddie said.

Head coach Jason Kidd also noted that the team will look into what happened.

“That’s tough. I have to talk to Spencer,” Kidd said. “When you look at Tony and what he’s done in this league, he’s well-liked and also one of the best that we have. We’re going to see what happened here and talk to Spencer and find out exactly what happened. That’s a sensitive topic. We’ll see what happens.”

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