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11 Best 60 Degree Wedges for Flop Shots

60 degree wedges


The lob wedge can be a versatile and helpful club around the green, if hit correctly. With a higher loft, generally 60, and up to 64, degrees, it allows you to get underneath the ball for very high shots from short distances away. These are known as “flop shots,” made famous by Phil Mickelson. But you can also use 60 degree wedges from further distances, depending on your skill level, of course.

So we’ve come up with a list of some of the most popular 60 degree wedges to help make your decision easier.

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What are the Best 60 Degree Wedges?

cleveland golf cbx2 wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very forgiving
  • Promotes lots of spin
  • Cavity back design
Price: $109.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
callaway mack daddy cb wedges Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sleek cavity back design
  • Full-face grooves
  • 8 lofts available
Price: $103.21 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
mizuno t20 wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • CNC milled grooves
  • Innovative technology
  • Consistent spin
Price: $251.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cleveland golf rtx zipcore wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sleek profile
  • Sharp, deep grooves
  • Upgraded shaft
Price: $109.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
callaway jaws md5 wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Controllable spin
  • Excellent feel
  • Sleek look
Price: $138.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wilson harmonized golf wedges Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Performance sole grind
  • Traditional blade shape
  • Great value
Price: $45.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
tour edge hot launch e521 60 degree wedges Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Very forgiving
  • Good value
Price: $89.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
square strike lob wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reduces face rotation
  • Anti-chunk sole
  • USGA, R&A legal
Price: $99.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
taylormade mg2 wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Innovative technology
  • Increases spin
  • Good feel & feedback
Price: $109.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wilson staff model wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Forgiving
  • Sleek look
  • Good value
Price: $139.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
taylor made milled grind heel toe wedge Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Optimal spin
  • High bounce edge
  • Choose low or standard style
Price: $169.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

    • Rotex face features plenty of sharp Tour Zip Grooves for more spin and stop on the greens
    • Hollow cavity design places weight on the perimeter resulting in maximum forgiveness
    • Wider, C-Shaped sole promotes better turf interaction and cleaner contact with less vibration thanks to the Gelback TPU insert
    • More skilled players might not find this as effective as mid to high handicappers
    • Some users felt they sacrificed some distance when using the lower lofted CBX2 wedges
    • A bit on the pricey side for this list

    One of most popular 60 degree wedges — and any degree wedge, for that matter — has been the Cleveland Golf CBX2, which features a hollow cavity back with perimeter weighting for excellent forgiveness.

    The Rotex club face has plenty of the sharp, Tour Zip Grooves designed to give you optimal spin and quick stopping ability on the greens. The 60 degree wedge has a wider C-Shaped sole and a Gelback TPU insert that helps lessen vibration on contact.

    The wedge, which is also available in lofts of 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, and 58 degrees, also has a hosel cutout and tapered flange.

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  2. 2. Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

    • Cavity back design gives you the feel of an iron with the playability of a wedge
    • Wide sole is designed to increase bounce and promote forgiveness out of the bunker and rough
    • Full-faced grooves for optimal spin and control
    • Some users might not prefer the thicker, cavity back profile compared to thinner models
    • Some users felt if not hit squarely, the ball comes off heavy
    • Some users said they had a tough time getting used to the club (look, feel, spin, etc.)

    The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedges are bringing the look of an iron thanks to the cavity back, larger club head size, and thicker topline, but it’s got all the playability of a wedge.

    Callaway’s 60 degree wedges have modified W Grinds which provide increased bounce and also more forgiveness out of bunkers and thicker rough. It has full-face JAWS grooves which promote optimal spin and control around the greens, exactly where you need it.

    The CB wedges are available in 8 different lofts — 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58. and 60.

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  3. 3. Mizuno T20 Wedge

    • HydroFlow Micro Grooves are designed to keep water out for optimal spin in wet conditions
    • Each clubhead has Grain Flow Forging, providing a flat face for consistent spin
    • 60 degree wedges available in M Grind (10 bounce) or C Grind (6 bounce)
    • A bit on the pricey side
    • The Blue Ion color might show some wear after time
    • Some users might find the clubhead a bit on the chunky side

    A sleek look and highlighted by its Grain Flow Forging process, the Mizuno T20 Wedges provide plenty of control, optimal spin, and great feel.

    Featuring laser etched HydroFlow Micro Grooves, the T20s shed water for consistent spin even in rainy conditions. In the 60 degree wedges, the CNC milled grooves are wider and shallower, which help with consistency on shorter swings around the greens. The precise weighting are designed to provide spin and launch even on miss-hits.

    The 60 degree wedges a have a more rounded clubhead for added versatility. The 10 bounce has an M Grind sole and is best suited for most players as it gives a bit of relief in the head and toe for cleaner turf interaction. The 6 bounce features a C Grind, which is caters too more skilled players and harder conditions.

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  4. 4. Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore Wedge

    • ZipCore repositions the Center of Gravity (CG) and Moment of Inertia (MOI) for better overall consistency
    • UltiZip groovers are sharper, deeper, and narrower for optimal spin and better bite
    • The heat treatment process adds to the club's durability and longevity
    • Some users felt the topline was a bit thick for a wedge
    • Some users felt the sound was a bit dampened on contact
    • It's probably best suited for more advanced players and not beginners

    A Golf Digest Hot List gold winner for 2021, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge features innovative technology designed to provide overall consistency swing after swing and round after round.

    ZipCore technology repositions the Center of Gravity (CG) and raises the Moment of Inertia (MOI), which provides more spin and better control. The UltiZip Grooves provide much needed bite and control, thanks to the grooves being sharper, deeper, and closer together. Cleveland also uses a heat treatment process that is designed to add to the wedge’s durability and longevity.

    Available in multiple loft degrees and bounce angles, the RTX comes with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue steel shaft.

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  5. 5. Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge

    • 8620 mild carbon steel provides excellent feel and gets plenty of spin
    • Microfeature on the face adds spin on partial shots and those near the green
    • Available in 5 different grind options -- C, S, X, W, and Low Bounce W
    • Some users thought there was a bit of a glare at address with the Platinum Chrome
    • Slightly pricey
    • N/A

    Arguably the most popular 60 degree wedges available right now, the Callaway Jaws MD5 features 8620 Mild Carbon Steel for superb feel and optimal spin.

    Featuring a traditional shape lob club head, the Jaws Mack Daddy 5 was tested with Offset Groove-in-Groove technology and that led Callaway to add a microfeature into the face. This adds spin on those partial shots around the green for better control and accuracy.

    The 60 degree wedge is available in 5 different grind options: S-Grind (10 bounce angle); C-Grind (8 bounce); X-Grind (12 bounce); W-Grind (12 bounce); and Low Bounce W-Grind (8 bounce).

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  6. 6. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedges

    • Innovative sole grind design allows you to open the club face for better performance
    • 10 degree bounce for cleaner contact and quicker stopping ability on the green
    • Traditional blade shape with a stylish and sleek high polish finish
    • Some users felt it wasn't as durably made as other wedges
    • Some users felt the grip was too small/uncomfortable
    • Some users felt it was best suited for beginners rather than more advanced players

    Excellent value and performance are what the Wilson Harmonized 60 degree wedges are all about.

    Featuring a classic blade shape with a high-gloss finish, the club looks the part and plays the part thanks to its sole grind, which allows for players to open up the club face to get more consistent performance on higher lofted shots.

    Available in a number of different lofts, the wedge has a True Tempered steel shaft and is designed to get you optimal spin around the grooves while offering forgiveness.

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  7. 7. Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Wedge

    • The extra wide Houdini Sole reduces turf interaction by 35% to promote cleaner, more consistent contact
    • The deep undercut cavity lowers the Center of Gravity (CG) for extra forgiveness, even on miss-hits
    • The extra large club face has maximized grooves for optimal spin and control
    • Club might be a bit on the chunky/heavy side
    • Probably not suited for more advanced players
    • Quantities might be limited

    The Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 is exactly what new players are looking for in 60 degree wedges — wide sole, oversized face, forgiveness, and excellent value.

    The extra wide Houdini Sole reduces turf interaction 35 percent, which promotes cleaner contact and more consistent shots. The deep undercut cavity lowers the Center of Gravity (CG) to maximize forgiveness, including on off-center shots. The extra large club head is inviting at address and the maximized grooves promote optimal spin and control around the green.

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  8. 8. Square Strike Wedge

    • Users have said it is almost impossible to hit a fat shot
    • The anti-rotational weighting makes for an easy swing and excellent control
    • Centered Center of Gravity (CG) and higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) provides accuracy and forgiveness even on off-center shots
    • It might take time for some users to get used to the shape/color
    • Some users might find the club is a bit on the heavy side
    • It's probably not as versatile as some other wedges

    Highlighted by its anti-chunk sole and precise location of the Center of Gravity (CG) and Moment of Inertia (MOI), the Square Strike Wedge is designed to eliminate fat shots and provide maximum forgiveness, even on off-centered contact.

    Legal for tournament play and designed by a former Golf Digest “Hot List” winner, the Square Strike plays like a putter measures 35.5 inches in length, a 68 degree lie angle, and a heavier clubhead (330 grams). The anti-rotational weighting helps the clubhead from opening so you’ll get better contact and control.

    It’s available in 45, 55, and 60 degree lofts in both left- and right-handed models with a stainless steel shaft.

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  9. 9. TaylorMade MG2 (Milled Grind) Wedge

    • Raw Face Technology has laser etching with sharper, narrower, and deeper grooves to maximize spin
    • Milled Grind Sole provides exellent turf interaction for cleaner contact and more consistent shots
    • TPU insert is designed to lessen vibration to produce great feel on contact
    • The face will rust over time
    • Some users felt the Raw Face design can scuff up golf balls pretty quickly
    • This wedge is probably best suited for low handicap golfers

    Highlighted by innovative technology and a unique club face, the TaylorMade MG2 Wedges are all about spin, control, and consistency.

    The Raw Face Technology has laser etching and features sharper, deeper, and narrower grooves to maximize spin. The Milled Grind (that’s the MG) Sole promotes smoother turf interaction for cleaner contact and more consistent shots. The Thick-Thin head design has a precisely positioned Center of Gravity (CG) for accurate ball flight, while the TPU insert helps eliminate vibration to optimize feel on contact.

    These 60 degree wedges are available in 8, 10, and 12 bounce angles.

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  10. 10. Wilson Staff Model Wedge

    • Soft forged 8620 carbon steel construction promotes softer touch and excellent feel
    • Precision milled face and "advanced spin" scorelines promote maximum spin and control
    • The 60 degree wedges are available in Standard, Hi-Toe, and Tour Grind
    • Some users felt there wasn't enough spin near the green
    • There aren't many grind/bounce options to choose from
    • There aren't many loft options for left-handers (52, 56, 60 degrees)

    Made with the help from professional players, the Wilson Staff Model Wedges are designed to give you confidence in your short game at good value.

    The soft forged 8620 carbon steel construction provides the touch and feel you need around the greens for consistent shots. The precision-milled face and the “advanced spin” scorelines, which are machine-engraved, promote cleaner contact and combine to produce maximum spin and control.

    The clubs are available in Standard, Hi-Toe (face shape allows for more creativity in either open or closed configurations), and Tour Grind (ideal for firmer conditions, deeper rough, and sand).

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  11. 11. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge

    • Hi-toe design has a more centered Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal launch and spin
    • High bounce leading edge provides better turf interaction for cleaner contact
    • Available in a 4-way cambered sole (10 degree bounce) or ATV mid-sole (12 degree milled)
    • On the pricey side
    • The copper finish will wear over time (but some will like that look)
    • It's an older model, so quantities might be limited in certain lofts

    One of the more popular 60 degree wedges over the past few years has been the TaylorMade Hi-Toe Milled Grind model, which is available in either a 4-way cambered sole or an ATV mid-sole.

    The 4-way sole has a 10 degree bounce, while the ATV sole is 12 degrees. Both feature full-face scoring lines. The V-shaped ATV mid-sole move provide excellent turf/sand interaction for cleaner contact. The 4-way sole is designed for players with average or steep swings in normal turf and softer sand.

    The hi-toe design precisely positions the Center of Gravity (CG) for lower launch and more spin.

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What is Bounce in a Golf Wedge?

As seen in the descriptions of the above clubs, you've probably seen the word "bounce" use quite often. So, what is "bounce" when it comes to wedges?

Wedge bounce is the angle between the leading edge and the trailing edge (the lowest part of the sole). So the higher the bounce degree, the higher the leading edge of the club is off the ground when addressing your shot.

There are types of bounce categories -- low, mid, and high. 

Low bounce wedges usually have an angle between 4 and 6 degrees. These clubs are best suited for firmer turf and bunkers with harder sand. 

Mid bounce wedges are typically between 7 and 10 and offer the most versatility for more golfers as they can be played on a wider variety of course conditions, though mostly used best on normal to firmer turf.

And high bounce wedges are over 10 degrees and are ideal for softer turf and bunkers with soft sand. These wedges help you get plenty of spin and control.