• 2.7M Sign Petition on Bill to Prosecute Cops Who Shoot Unarmed People

    The bill proposes to send police officers who are found to have shot an unarmed person to a mandatory 15-year prison sentence.

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  • John Goulart Jr: ‘Ambushed’ Louisiana Cop Actually Shot Himself, Police Say

  • Brett Hankison Faces Charges Only for Endangering Breonna Taylor’s White Neighbors

  • Brett Hankison Charged With Endangerment in Breonna Taylor Shooting Investigation

  • Tony McDade: No Charges for Officer in Fatal Shooting of Black Trans Man

    A grand jury announced last week that the Tallahassee officers in three fatal shootings, including of Tony McDade, a Black trans man, would not be charged.

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  • Linden Cameron: 13-Year-Old Autistic Boy Shot By Utah Police

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  • Lafayette PD’s Shooting Of A Black Man Is Under State Investigation

  • Neil Iversen & Kevin Fortuna: Salt Lake City Police Officers Cleared in Shooting

    Neil Iversen and Kevin Fortuna are two Salt Lake City police officers who were cleared Thursday in the fatal shooting of Bernardo Palacio-Carbajal.

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  • Rayshard Brooks Named as the Man Shot & Killed by Atlanta Police

  • Police Release 911 Call Kenneth Walker Made After Breonna Taylor Was Shot

  • Kentucky Commonwealth Prosecutor Said Charges Against Kenneth Walker Will Be Dismissed

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    Police say that one person is dead and another is injured following an officer-involved shooting in Providence, Rhode Island on Thursday. Watch the video.

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    Magdiel Sanchez, a 35-year-old deaf man, was fatally shot by Oklahoma City Police officers after he failed to respond to their orders.

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    Videos posted to Facebook show police officers responding to an incident where two people were shot on Milwaukee's lakefront. Watch videos from the scene.