• 2.7M Sign Petition on Bill to Prosecute Cops Who Shoot Unarmed People

    The bill proposes to send police officers who are found to have shot an unarmed person to a mandatory 15-year prison sentence.

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  • Brett Hankison Charged With Endangerment in Breonna Taylor Shooting Investigation

  • Tony McDade: No Charges for Officer in Fatal Shooting of Black Trans Man

    A grand jury announced last week that the Tallahassee officers in three fatal shootings, including of Tony McDade, a Black trans man, would not be charged.

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  • Kentucky Commonwealth Prosecutor Said Charges Against Kenneth Walker Will Be Dismissed

    Kentucky's Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine announced that his office was dismissing the case against Kenneth Walker for attempting to kill a police officer.

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    There were 135 police officers and other law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2016, an increase. Some were shot and ambushed. See photos and learn their stories.

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    Video reviewed by Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney doesn't prove , at this point, that Keith Lamont Scott was pointing a gun. Watch the news conference here.

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    Bill Bratton, resigning as New York police commissioner, is a legendary police chief known for crime declines, but he faced controversy over police abuses.