The Redskins notched their second straight preseason victory on Saturday night after a solid offensive performance – without Robert Griffin III.

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Here’s how to check out the week 3 preseason matchup. Even if you’re not near a TV when kickoff is scheduled.

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After disappointing week two preseason performances for both squads, the only way to go is up. Right?

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They practiced together all week. Now, they’ll play against each other on Saturday night. Check out all the highlights from the preseason matchup here.

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The former Alabama standout is looking to make the transition to the pro game, fighting for a spot on the Baltimore Ravens lineup.

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After a week of joint practices in Philadelphia, the two teams square in a week two preseason matchup. Except some hits. Lots of hits.

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These two teams got to know each other pretty well during a week of joint practices. Now, they’re ready to hit each other. Hard.

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Hey, remember Matt Schaub? He’s the Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback now and he is throwing preseason bombs. Check it out.

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The fourth-year wide receiver, in his second season with the Baltimore Ravens, is slated to start at wideout in the team’s first preseason game.

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Get ready for some football. The Saints and the Ravens square off in a preseason battle at M&T Stadium. Here’s how to watch it.

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Preseason games can be exciting too! The Ravens staged a late-game comeback to post a 30-27 victory over the Saints in the preseason opener.

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The long-time QB has struggled with interceptions in training camp but is looking to put that behind him with a strong performance in preseason games.

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The Saints and the Ravens square off in their preseason opener on Thursday night. Here’s what you need to know about the matchup.

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The Baltimore Ravens second-round pick will be featured in ESPN’s Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL. Get to know him a little more here.

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The Baltimore Ravens signed the former quarterback, but not to compete for the job under center. Instead Steelman will compete for a spot as a wide receiver.

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Flacco and Co. look to once again contend for the Super Bowl in 2015. Here’s which Ravens belong on your fantasy roster this season.

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