Rihanna cursed out CBS for pulling her song from the Thursday Night Football lineup. The singer was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Chris Brown.

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Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys

Ray Rice has been cut from the Baltimore Ravens following the release of footage of him knocking out his wife Janay Palmer. See how the world reacted here.

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. The Baltimore Ravens running back was arrested, along with Palmer, in Atlantic City on an assault charge.

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Torrey Smith, the wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens and his wife announced their pregnancy news via Instagram and a jay of Prego pasta sauce.

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Stripper Jhonni Blaze claims that Ravens football playerl Bernard Pierce texted threats to kill her unborn child. Check out the texts & racy photos.

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The former linebacker said that he was cut because of age, not because of his advocacy of gay rights.

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From hopeless to hero to Superbowl winner, Michael Oher has run the gamut of human experience.

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After two touchdowns in Super Bowl XLVII, including an epic kickoff return, Jacoby Jones is suddenly a household name.

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Jacoby Jones kicked off the second half with the longest kickoff-return touchdown in a Super Bowl.

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Regardless if you’re rooting for the 49ers or Ravens, here are the top apps you should be using this Sunday.

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