Danica McKellar takes part in James “Murr” Murray’s punishment on Impractical Jokers next week. Check out a hilarious clip from the episode right here.

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Scott Sveslosky is engaged to Danica McKellar. Learn about the fiance of Winnie Cooper who is a partner in an L.A. law firm.

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Danica McKellar has been seriously injured while competing for the mirrorball trophy on Dancing With The Stars. Read on for the details.

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Celebrating the most memorable guest-star appearances over the nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

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Danica McKellar is making her ballroom debut this season on “Dancing With the Stars.” Check out the actress-turned mathematician’s best pics.

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Danica McKellar is one of the new contestants on “Dancing With the Stars.” Check out all the facts on the former “Winnie Cooper” from The Wonder Years.

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