PHOTO: German Police Seize Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills

Police in Osnabrück, Germany say they have seized ecstasy pills shaped like U.S. President Donald Trump.

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WATCH: Domino’s Delivery Driver Delivers Pizza During Hamburg G20 Riots

As world leaders gather in Hamburg, Germany and rioters protest at the convention center, a pizza delivery man was filmed making his way through the crowd.

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G20 Live Stream: Protesters Hit the Streets in Hamburg, Germany

G20 protesters have taken to the streets in Hamburg, Germany, for a massive “Welcome to Hell” demonstration. Watch a live stream video of the protests here.

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PHOTOS: ISIS Terrorist Anis Amri Shot Dead in Milan for Berlin Christmas Attack

WATCH: Anis Amri, ‘Berlin Attacker,’ Pledges Allegiance to ISIS

Anis Amri, the Tunisian suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack, was shot and killed near Milan, Italy early this morning. After his death, Islamic State News “agency” Amaq News released a video of him pledging “bayat,” or “allegiance.”

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Lukasz Urban was named as the Polish truck driver who was found dead in the truck that crashed into a Berlin Christmas market in Germany,

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WATCH: Ansbach Suicide Bomber ISIS Allegiance Video

A video of showing the Ansbach suicide bomber, identified as “Mohammad D.,” pledging allegiance to the Islamic State has reportedly been recovered from his phone.