A new ISIS video titled “Aus der Finsternis ins Licht” or “From Darkness Into Light” threatens the West, specifically Germany. It also tells the story of German citizen Abu ‘Issa al-Almani, who converted from Christianity to Islam and traveled to ISIS.

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In a new video released by an Islamic State sympathizer on a German terrorist Telegram channel, a masked, prepubescent boy is shown “beheading” a toy doll. The video is titled “The new generation is raised.”

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A video of showing the Ansbach suicide bomber, identified as “Mohammad D.,” pledging allegiance to the Islamic State has reportedly been recovered from his phone.

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Following a suicide bombing committed by “Mohammad D.” at a music festival in Ansbach, Germany, the Islamic State has released an infographic including the attack with death counts of other international attacks.

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The Islamic State Amaq News agency has released an official statement on a suicide bombing perpetrated by “Mohammad D.” at a music festival in Ansbach, Germany. Read it here in English.

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At least one person is dead after a suspected IED, or improvised explosive device, was detonated at Eugene’s Wine Bar in Ansbach, Germany during a music festival. Is the Islamic State behind the attack?

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An explosion killed at least one person and injured 10 others in Ansbach, Germany. See videos from the scene here.

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A refugee from Syria has killed a woman and injured 2 others with a cleaver attack near Stuttgart, Germany. Has the Islamic State claimed the attack?

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A Syrian refugee killed a woman and wounded two other people with a machete in Reutlingen, Germany. Watch video of the attack here.

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Ali David Sonboly, 18, the gunman in the Munich, Germany, shooting spree, was a depressed loner who had read about school shooters.

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Although the motive is unclear, citizen video shows a purported gunman shouting “I am German” as he’s insulted on a rooftop.

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9 people have been reported killed and more injured in an attack in Germany today. Conflicting reports about whether the gunmen were nationalists or Islamic State sympathizers have been reported.

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Earlier media reports said the Munich gunman might have been targeting foreigners/immigrants. But an eyewitness says the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar” & police say he was German-Iranian.

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Following months of violence perpetrated by Islamic State supporters in the West, new propaganda purportedly released by ISIS asks, “Who’s next?” Photos of Orlando, Paris, Nice, Brussels, and Wurzburg are shown in many languages.

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At least one gunman shot at people at a Munich McDonald’s restaurant today. 9 people have been reported killed and more injured. Islamic State followers are celebrating online.

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A disturbing video has emerged that appears to show the Munich, Germany gunman shooting at people outside a local McDonald’s. Watch.

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