Kasia Lenhardt Dead: Model Ex-Girlfriend of Prominent Soccer Star Dies at 25

kasia lenhardt

Instagram/Getty Kasia Lenhardt and Jerome Boateng

Kasia Lenhardt was the Polish model ex-girlfriend of world-famous German soccer star Jérôme Boateng who died suddenly at the age of 25.

German-language publication Bild reported that Lenhardt died on February 9, 2021, leaving behind a son. She was famous in Germany for participating in “Germany’s Next Top Model,” a television program hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. According to Bild, Lenhardt placed fourth in the show’s seventh season.

Although the cause of death was not formally announced, police in Berlin, Germany, suspect it was suicide, Bild reported.

Lenhardt’s last Instagram post came on February 3, just a day after she and Boateng broke up following a 15-month relationship that ended with “a vicious fight that saw the couple exchange blows via social media and the press,” Daily Mail reported. “Now is where you draw the line. Enough,” she said, echoing comments the soccer star made when he revealed they were no longer dating.

Model Sara Kulka wrote in a tribute on Instagram, “I hope the truth comes out. I know how much you wished it would.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Berlin Police Say Lenhardt’s ‘Lifeless’ Body Was Found in Her Home

“Yesterday at around 8.30 p.m. there was a police operation in Charlottenburg on suspicion of suicide. A lifeless person was found in the home. There are no indications of third-party negligence,” Bild quoted Berlin police as saying.

Daily Mail reported that she was found dead at “a luxury apartment thought to belong to Boateng in Berlin’s upmarket Charlottenborg neighbourhood.”

A friend told Daily Mail, “She died a week after Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset by it.”

Lenhardt & Boateng Only Recently Broke Up & It Got Ugly


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According to Bild, Boateng, 32, and Lenhardt announced they had broken up only on February 2. According to the Sun, that announcement came after Boateng, a defender for Bayern Munich, said he was calling it quits with Lenhardt after dating her for a little over a year.

The Sun reported that on January 5 Lenhardt was “involved in a car accident” in Boateng’s Mini that left the car totaled.

At the time of the split, Boateng said he needed to “draw a line” and “apologize to everyone I’ve hurt,” including his ex-girlfriend Rebecca, with whom he has children, according to The Sun.

Lenhardt then told the public she was the one who pulled the plug, citing Boateng’s “lies and constant infidelity,” according to the Sun.

Daily Mail reported that Boateng accused Kasia “of sabotaging his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rebecca and his family before they started dating, and of blackmailing him into staying with her.” She in turn called him the “devil.”

Bild called it a “separation mud battle.”

Lenhardt Filled Her Instagram Page With Modeling Shots

Lenhardt’s Instagram page is filled with glamorous modeling shots. She occasionally included philosophical captions, once writing, “Don’t worry about get anything. You already have. And you are naturally giving by just being.”

She also wrote, “Painting is soul food.” She wrote in another post, “People are unhappy because they don’t know that they are happy 🤫”

Some of her posts are in German and Polish. Some of her pictures show her with her young son. According to Daily Mail, she died on her son’s sixth birthday.

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