As college students are preparing to head back to school, they should consider bringing a new tablet with them for both work and entertainment.

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We’ve rounded up five very solid, very different tablet options that all make great graduation gifts.

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Whether you need a stylus for taking notes, drawing, or just keeping your screen looking pristine, here are five great options that will do the job nicely.

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Need a cover to protect your iPad Air or iPad Air 2? Here are some great cases.

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Here’s our guide to which tablets should be on your shopping list.

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We’ve rounded up 20 of the best rated tablets on the market.

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A Nintendo game emulator snuck into the App Store. Grab it now before it’s taken down!

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You can buy a new tablet without breaking the bank.

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Apple fanboys and fangirls will drool over these great gifts.

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Would you buy a super-sized iPad? Check out this video to see just how big Apple’s next iPad might be.

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Apple Store shoppers can look forward to free gift cards with select Black Friday purchases.

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Black Friday 2014 has some pretty insane tablet deals. Whether you want a brand new tab or a deep discount on an older model, these sales have to be seen to be believed.

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This video lets you see the iPad Air 2 being unboxed, and also provides a comparison of the new Air with the first-gen iPad Air.

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It’s so easy to download iOS 8.1.

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These accessories make the iPad Air 2 even better.

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Here’s a guide to help you decide which of these two new tablets is best for your needs.

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