Dr. Dennis Charney was shot outside Lange’s Little Store & Delicatessan in Chappaqua, New York, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s favorite “neighborhood spot.” Hengjun Chao is accused in the crime.

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A Pennsylvania gun store owner whose daughter died of a heroin overdose was arrested at the Holland Tunnel with two other people and a cache of guns.

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Three people in a truck labelled “Higher Ground Tactical” were arrested after police found a cache of guns and ammo during a traffic stop at the Holland Tunnel.

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Andrew Goodenough is accused of fatally stabbing a man in the produce section of a Shoprite grocery store in upstate New York.

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Jane Jacobs, a writer and activist known for her work in urban planning, is being celebrated with a Google Doodle on what would’ve been her 100th birthday.

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A massive fire has engulfed the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava on West 25th Street in Manhattan. See videos of the fire here.

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A lawsuit filed by Mark Warren Moody is claiming the New York primary was unconstitutional by state law. Read one of the court documents here to see why.

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Mark Moody filed a lawsuit seeking to stop certification of the NY primary. Who is he and why does his lawsuit say that the primary was unconstitutional?

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Mark Moody and Election Justice USA filed lawsuits to stop certification of the primary election. Could this change Bernie’s delegate count in New York?

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Election Justice USA was taken down from Facebook most of Thursday. What happened? Why was the group leading an election fraud lawsuit removed?

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Watch Hillary Clinton’s New York primary speech in Times Square live, right here, for free. Find out what time and when the rally will be and how to watch it.

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Watch Bernie Sander’s New York primary and Pennsylvania rally live, right here, for free. Find out what time and when the rally will be and how to watch it.

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We’re documenting voter issues and problems during the New York primary. These are the photos and stories you need to see from poll places at the #NYPrimary.

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Many voters will get to the New York primary polls only to find out their registrations were purged or changed. Here’s what to do if this happens to you.

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The New York primary has confusing hours and rules. Here is how to vote today, including how to get a court order if your vote is denied.

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A New York election fraud lawsuit’s been delayed, but that doesn’t mean your chance to vote is gone. Find out what happened and read the lawsuit docs here.

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