A new poll shows Jon Ossoff increasing his lead in a special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Karen Handel and Bob Gray polled in second.

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President Barack Obama is now a lame duck president, but he’s still getting high approval ratings in polls, but still not as high as Ronald Reagan’s at the end of his second term.

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Faithless electors are the last hope of Hillary Clinton supporters, who have signed a petition on Change.org urging electors to ditch Donald Trump. Some states fine faithless electors.

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Not everyone got Clinton vs. Trump wrong. Meet the election oracles: The professors and pollsters (and Michael Moore) who predicted Donald Trump’s strength in final election results.

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A lot of the 2016 presidential polls in Clinton vs. Trump were wrong. Why? Who got it right?

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The new VoteCastr system published vote total results estimated throughout election day. How wrong were the numbers that they compiled, and why?

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Florida election results show promising signs for Hillary Clinton as turnout is reportedly higher in Democratic strongholds than it was in 2012.

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Exit polls are starting to come in on 2016 presidential election day. Here’s what they say.

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Latest 2016 presidential polls and election predictions show Clinton vs. Trump remains a tight race in some key battleground states with November 8 now here.

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Latest 2016 presidential polls in Clinton vs. Trump show some battleground states are virtually deadlocked. The electoral college could also tie. Here’s how.

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Nevada early voting results appear to favor Hillary Clinton due to high Latino voter turnout. But is there a way Donald Trump can still win the crucial state?

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In a final batch of 2016 presidential polls, Emerson College sees an Electoral College landslide for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who will win the White House.

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Using 2016 latest presidential polls as a guide, here are 9 plausible election outcomes in Clinton vs. Trump with electoral college maps.

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The final NBC News/Wall Street Journal presidential poll shows that Hillary Clinton holds a lead among women voters that could give her the presidency.

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Latest 2016 presidential for Clinton vs. Trump shows the race in many battleground states remains very tight.

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Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump by nearly nine percentage points in early voting results after almost 40 million Americans have cast their ballots.

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