Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill are accused of being among suspects who tortured a special needs man on Facebook Live video while accusing him of supporting Donald Trump.

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As Iraqi troops fight ISIS deep inside Mosul, shocking raw video shows Iraqi fighters dragging bodies of slain terrorists through the city’s streets.

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In a stunning display of the vulnerability of American-made military vehicles, an ISIS missile destroys on Iraqi Abrams Tank in this shocking video.

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New videos from inside Mosul emerge as Iraqi troops fought their way into the ISIS held city two weeks after the battle for Mosul began. Watch the video here.

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Watch dramatic video from outside of Mosul, Iraq, as U.S. troops battle ISIS is a fierce firefight across open desert terrain.

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An Austin man was rescued after he drove his SUV off a parking garage roof, and it dangled for hours there in downtown Austin. See videos and photos.

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A rocket exploded at Kennedy Space Center’s Cape Canaveral’s launch site during a test. Reports said it was to carry a Facebook satellite.

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See video and photos of the aftermath of a bar explosion in Rouen, France that killed at least 13 people at a birthday part

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Earlier media reports said the Munich gunman might have been targeting foreigners/immigrants. But an eyewitness says the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar” & police say he was German-Iranian.

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Police in Delray Beach, Florida, say that 12 people have been injured after an explosion during a pep rally at Atlantic High School.

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Actor Vin Diesel got emotional this weekend during a screening of “Furious 7,” the latest in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, which also featured Paul Walker.

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Actor Josh Brolin rescued a surfer overwhelmed by waves last month, and video of the event has emerged.

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Four Indonesian pilots are safe after a mid-air plane crash during the practice before an Malaysian air Show Sunday.

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Watch the moment a house in the Stafford Township in New Jersey exploded. The cause of the explosion was gas. In total 15 people were injured.

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Is this what happens when you leave your hotel room?

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68-year-old Charles Logan ripped a bar from his hospital bed and went on a violent rampage against nurses. Watch the shocking video here.

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