Lenar Whitney, Louisiana’s ultra-conservative Congressional hopeful, is the top candidate to be the next Michele Bachmann.

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You betcha.

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Maybe they can start an ex-MSNBC employee support group?

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“I deeply regret what was said.”

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Usually Sarah Palin is at the butt of every Tea Party and right winger joke. But not today. Watch as Sarah Palin answers a question with poise and prowess and even ends up endorsing the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

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The Republican National Convention has a mystery speaker. Let me get my House cane and try to figure out who it is.

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Sarah Palin’s accounts of history have a few variations from how American events actually went down, but you’ll hardly even notice.

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Everyone’s making fun of Sarah Palin again, this time because she seemingly made up a word – refudiate – which most people assume is just a dumb combination of the words refute and repudiate.

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Anyone with Photoshop in the past two years or so has concocted a silly fake picture of Sarah Palin. These are the 20 funniest/sexiest.

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Every week I pick five things that America did to me this week that I enjoyed. This week: Lara Croftdashian, a rocket car, and Sarah Palin’s boobs.

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