The Islamic State announced its new drone technology with the use of a propaganda film that filmed the battlefield after recent territorial gains in Syria.

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In a new film purportedly released by the Islamic State, the terrorist army unveils its territorial gains in Syria with the use of drones armed with cameras.

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A new video called “The Flames of War” purportedly released by the Islamic State includes footage of a mass execution of Bashar regime soldiers near Raqqa.

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A new, hour-long video purportedly released by the Islamic State called “The Flames of War” shows the mass execution of Bashar regime soldiers near Raqqa.

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Purported photographs of an alleged mass execution of Islamic State jihadists by Syrian militant leader Zahran Alloush has the terrorists in black jumpsuits being executed by men in orange.

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The Islamic State has purportedly released a new video shot in Homs, Syria showing the execution of 2 men, one charged with being a spy and the other for “insulting God.”

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The masked Islamic State militant “Jihadi John” has been named as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born British man from West London.

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A group of Syrian activists have released photos and videos of children as young as three, locked in a cage, with a torch held in the foreground.

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Kayla Mueller was allegedly killed by a Jordanian air strike while she was held hostage by ISIS in Syria.

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ISIS claims a female American hostage has been killed in a Jordanian airstrike.

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A Jordanian pilot has been burned alive in the latest gruesome execution video from terror group ISIS.

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From Naked and Afraid to Kobane, Joshua Bell has swapped the Discovery Channel for fighting ISIS.

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Maxime Hauchard is the French citizen identified as being one of the ISIS fighters seen in the group’s most recent video.

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Rumors are swirling about the ISIS leader’s possible death after U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq.

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After telling his parents he was going on a fishing trip and never returning, Abdullah Elmir, 17, now calling himself Abu Khaled, has surfaced in an ISIS video.

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Could ISIS attack the United States with Ebola? Does the Islamic State have the capability to carry out a bio-terror attack on America with an “Ebola bomb”?

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