Did Reina Nightclub Shooter Escape Back Into ISIS-Held Syria?

Le suspect de l'attaque de la Reina se filme en plein lieu touristique à IstanbulLa police turque a diffusé une vidéo filmée comme un selfie montrant le terroriste présumé de la Reina se promenant sur la Place Taksim, au centre d’Istanbul. Selon les autorités turques, on ne sait ni pourquoi ni quand cette vidéo a été filmée, mais certains médias affirment qu'elle l'a été avant le massacre. Abonnez-vous à…2017-01-03T09:43:34.000Z

The suspected shooter in the Reina Nightclub attack in Istanbul, Turkey has been named by Turkish media as Kyrgyzstan national Iakhe Mashrapov. Is Mashrapov the correct suspect and has he escaped to ISIS-held Syria?

There is doubt as to whether if Mashrapov is the correct suspect. Mashrapov is now in custody in Kyrgyzstan. According to Kyrgyz Liberty news, Kyrgyz state security has asked Turkish authorities for further info about Mashrapov’s alleged involvement in the attack.

Former Al-Jazeera English correspondent Soraya Lennie reports that Mashrapov’s wife is also in custody.

His wife is denying his involvement.


Kyrgyzstani AKIpress news agency released a video earlier today showing Mashrapov in the Kyrgyz Republic capital Bishkek and being interviewed by the Kyrgyz National Security Committee about his alleged involvement in the nightclub shooting.

In the interview, Mashrapov denies his involvement.

Iakhe Mashrapov denies any involvement in Istanbul night club shooting (interview)Iakhe Mashrapov denies any involvement in Istanbul night club shooting (interview) TURMUSH.KG / AKIPRESS.ORG – Iakhe Mashrapov, holder of the passport, the photo of which was posted on social networks on January 3 and claimed to be belonging to the Istanbul night club shooter, denied his involvement in the terrorist attack. turmush.kg/ru/news:1355146 He said he…2017-01-03T14:26:11.000Z

At the same time, ISIS terrorist channels suggested that the suspect may have escaped through the notoriously porous Turkish-Syrian border.

According to The New York Post, the gunman, who was incorrectly stated to have been dressed as Santa Claus, armed with a long-barreled weapon, shot and killed a policeman and a civilian around 1:45 a.m. before entering the club and opening fire. According to CNN, the victims of the attack were from 14 countries, including India, Morocco, Jordan, Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

The attack was officially claimed by ISIS yesterday.

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