A man was shot by cops after he tried to run down two Canadian soldiers in Montreal. A Canadian politician said it’s a “possible terror attack.”

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Could ISIS attack the United States with Ebola? Does the Islamic State have the capability to carry out a bio-terror attack on America with an “Ebola bomb”?

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As ISIS continues its push across Anbar Province, Iraq, it advances on one of the biggest strategic prizes in the western province; the Al-Asad Airforce base and Haditha dam.

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Riyadh American Murder

One American citizen is dead after being shot in a gas station. The man arrested by police in Saudi Arabia was born in the US.

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Kobane on the verge of falling to ISIS. US airpower impotent to ISIS ground war.

The key Syrian border town of Kobane appears to be on the verge of falling, as Kurdish commanders report ISIS has taken their HQ. Stay tuned for updates to this developing story.

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Tarik Hassane, "the Surgeon" - suspected terror plotter and bomb maker was was arrested by Scotland Yard after returning from Somalia and Syria.

Tarik Hassane is one of four men arrested for suspicion of plotting terrorist activity after returning to West London from Somalia and Syria. Known as “the surgeon” and thought to be a bomb maker, he is being held by Scotland Yard .

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Suicide bombers attacked a political rally in Yemen killing 47 including children – Warning Graphic.

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Kurds protest

The battle for Kobani rages inside Syria & Turkey: Watch Kurdish youths fight Turkish tanks with bottles and rocks.

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The FBI is seeking help from the public to identify an ISIS fighter with an American accent who appears in this propaganda video.

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Kobane on the verge of falling to ISIS. US airpower impotent to ISIS ground war.

Live Updates from the Battle for Kobani between ISIS and Kurdish Freedom fighters

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