Michael Christopher Estes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Christopher Estes is accused of leaving a jar filled with explosives at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina and vowing to “fight a war on U.S. soil.”

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Is There an ISIS Terrorist Attack Threat for September 11, 2017?

16 years after 9/11 was carried out by al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, the United States and the world is now at war with the Islamic State. Is there a credible terrorist threat for the 16th anniversary of September 11?

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There was a report of a possible knifing terror attack in Turku, Finland, in which police shot an attacker who stabbed people.

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Driss Oukabir: Photos of Barcelona Terrorist Attack Suspect

Driss Oukabir: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

PHOTO: Driss Oukabir, Barcelona Terrorist Suspect Captured

A photo has emerged appearing to show the capture of a Detenido “Driss” Oukabir, believed to be behind the van ramming today in the Las Ramblas neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain.

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PHOTOS & VIDEOS: ISIS Terrorist Attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona

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A possible truck ramming attack with a rental van has taken place in Barcelona, Spain when a driver ran into a crowd.

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ISIS Threatens Bastille Day Attack With Photo of Trump in Paris

The Islamic State is encouraging its lone wolf operatives in France to carryout a Bastille Day attack on the anniversary of the Nice attacks and as President Donald Trump visits French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.