Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, has officially announced his resignation. Read his full letter here.

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A man claiming to be an ex-Mormon missionary documented his epic meltdown on social media after a stripper in Salt Lake City, Utah he was stalking blocked him on Facebook.

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Kurt Cochran, an American from Utah in London on a tour, was killed in the terror attack on UK Parliament at Westminster Bridge.

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Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor and Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to China, will be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Russia.

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Chad Bennion is a former GOP county chairman and Utah legislator who is missing after he went for a run.

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Independent candidate Evan McMullin has been the target of smears from a white nationalist in a pro-Trump robocall in Utah, which McMullin has a chance of winning.

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Russel Duszak, a 38-year-old Skywest Airlines pilot, is accused of trying to fly a Delta Airlines flight from Rapid City to Salt Lake City while drunk, police say.

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Evan McMullin is a relative unknown around the county, but the third party candidate is gaining traction in Utah. Could he beat Donald Trump there?

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Christopher Craig, a former Utah State Eastern basketball coach, allegedly says he is a “radical Islamic Jihadist.” He is accused of entering Eagle Mountain elementary school in Utah wearing a mask.

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There were reports of a masked intruder at Eagle Mountain Elementary School in Utah, as well as a bomb threat and evacuation.

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Charges against Anne Hardcastle and Michael Taylor, A New York City couple accused of forcing a woman into a threesome at the Sundance Film Festival, have been dropped.

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New reports in Japanese media say a Brigham Young student, David Sneddon, who vanished in 2004, may be alive in North Korea and working as a teacher.

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Chelsey Russell, a Denver mother and lawyer, saved the life of her toddler by carrying him on her chest as she died in a Utah lake. The child fell overboard.

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Kera Birkeland, a former beauty queen who is a Utah at-large delegate, says she was threatened in a convention bathroom by Trump supporters.

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A Salt Lake City police body cam video shows an officer attacking a mother, Michelle Anderson Siguenza, as her 9-year-old daughter watches.

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Misty K. Snow made history in Utah this week by becoming one of the first two transgender candidates to run for U.S. Congress.

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