Voting for the 2016 ESPYS ends Wednesday, July 13 at 8pm ET. Find out how and where to vote for your favorite nominees.

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In the final voting update for the NL before the roster is revealed, will there be any changes to the starting lineup at all?

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In the final update before the reveal of the All-Star Game rosters, are there any changes to the AL’s crowded starting outfield?

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In the newest update in All-Star voting, is the National League’s starting lineup still a major Cubfest?

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As voting reaches its third update, who has pulled away with their leads and which races are getting tighter?

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The Cubs dominated the first week of voting, how did they fare in the second update? Are we looking at a Chicago-heavy starting lineup?

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Royals and Orioles fans voted in droves if the first voting update was any indication. How are those players faring in the second update?

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Another Tuesday, another Primary Day. May 24th voters in Washington state will make their pick for president but Democrats and Republicans can vote for whomever they want in the Evergreen state.

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Ron Martin is the husband of Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, who is running in the 2014 Senate Race.

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Now historically racist areas in the United States will not have to seek approval from the Justice Department before enacting new voting laws.

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Congratulations citizens, Election Day is approaching once again (despite that restraining order)! Before you grab your giant Election Day foam hats and head off to the traditional Election Day Feast, don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on what YOUR VOTE really means!

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