A single mother from Long Island is accused of having sex in public with a Texas man.

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A Michigan judge sent three kids to juvenile hall and compared them to members of the Manson Family because they refused to talk to their dad.

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The theme for the 18th annual event in Austria was “Fetish Couture.” Enjoy.

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Financial Times correspondent Sarah O’Connor reported that a “robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany.” Sarah Connor is a “Terminator” character.

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A woman with mental issues is accused, along with her boyfriend, of killing her mother and bragging about it on Facebook.

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A Connecticut man called 911 during a standoff with an angry pet after his cat attacked him and his wife at his Stamford home. Listen to the call here.

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A Minneapolis teacher is under fire for bringing a group of middle and high school aged students to a sex store as part of their sex education.

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In Jaden Smith-land, man wear dress to prom.

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The Charlie Charlie Challenge is the new craze sweeping Twitter. It involves teenagers summoning a Mexican demon named Charlie to ask about One Direction.

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A month after escaping from captivity, Sandra Kay Sutton and her son were found dead. Police say her captor is the suspect.

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An Iowa Libertarian says he was offered teen prostitutes in exchange for letting an oil company lay pipe on his land.

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A high school student in Washington state put on a fake suicide vest to declare to a girl that he was “the bomb.”

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A woman in Upstate New York is accused of killing her husband and stuffing his corpse in a pile of manure.

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One of the stars of MTV’s “Ridiculousness” is accused of sexually assaullting a porn star. He denies it, saying he had to jump out of a moving car to get away from her.

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A 35-year-old mom is accused of masturbating in front of her daughter’s friends after a game of naked Twister. Rachel Lenhardt is in AA as well as a Mormon-sponsored sex addiction program.

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Just hours after meeting in person for the first time, Haley Fox is accused of beating her Internet boyfriend of two years over the head with a baseball bat.

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