A 35-year-old mom is accused of masturbating in front of her daughter’s friends after a game of naked Twister. Rachel Lenhardt is in AA as well as a Mormon-sponsored sex addiction program.

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A former U.S. military chemical weapons expert with “mental issues” has been arrested in Canada believed to be possessing “hazardous material.”

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A friend of Mark Wahlberg’s who had a kid with the Boston mayor’s girlfriend has been shot dead by cops in Massachusetts.

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“I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work.” That’s what Paige Jennings tweeted just before changing her name to Veronica Vain.

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Dalton Hayes is 18. His girlfriend, Cheyenne Phillips, is 13. They’ve been on the run from Louisville, Kentucky, after a violent crime spree.

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A follower of the bizarre subculture, Steampunk, Bryan Miller is also main suspect in two cold case murders from the 1990s.

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Minutes after her funeral was due to start, Vanessa Collier’s family and friends were told her funeral had been canceled. Vanessa’a wife says the cancelation was because Collier was a lesbian.

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Michael Hoyt is the Ohio bartender who is accused of plotting to kill John Boehner. According to the FBI, Hoyt thinks that he is Jesus Christ and that Boehner is the devil.

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At least 70 people died after drinking beer poisoned with crocodile bile — at a funeral.

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A 5-year-old girl was killed when she was thrown off of a Florida bridge. Her father, John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr., is charged with her murder.

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Councilman Kirby Delauter, in Fredrick County, Maryland, recently threatened to sue a local paper because he had not “authorized” a reporter to use his name.

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Kayla Chu and Brooke Brindle have been missing since New Year’s Day, the two teens both texted their respective mothers to say “We’re sorry.”

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19-year-old Erika VonDwingelo went out on a date with a man named “Chris” on New Year’s Eve, then she vanished.

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Christian Gomez is accused of chopping off his mother’s head with an axe after she asked him to clean the garage.

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Tristen Nash is the son of WWE wrestler Kevin Nash. He’s been arrested along with his dad in Florida after the two had a bloody Christmas brawl that included chokeslams.

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Hawaii is under a winter storm alert on Christmas Eve. The National Weather Service put the Big Island mountains under a blizzard warning.

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