Ten Things We Learned: WEC 49

1. That was Robbery

Here is a chance for everyone who has ever shouted robbery following a close fight to get on their soapboxes and rail against a horrible decision, because the results of Sunday night’s main event was very much a robbery.

Jamie Varner earned the first two rounds; he staggered Kamal Shalorus in the first with precision punching and quick movement, and did the same in the second. There was also that little matter of a point deduction for Shalorus from kicking Varner in the pills. There should have been two, as the third installment of the trilogy was the most direct connection Shalorus landed to that point.

Here’s where it gets real crazy: if not for that point deduction, Shalorus comes away with a split decision win. The guy who lost a point, didn’t use his biggest weapon, took a couple quality shots in the dome that left him a little wobbly would have won the whole shooting match…

Now that’s robbery.

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