Georgina Dorsett: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverley, World Cup WAG,

(Georgina Dorsett with Manchester United midfielder partner Tom Cleverley / Getty)

Georgina Dorsett is the girlfriend and baby mama of Tom Cleverley, midfielder for Manchester United. Dorsett is well-known in her own right as well, and the couple has been dating since 2012. The only reason anybody is disappointed that Cleverley isn’t going to the World Cup, is because it means Georgina Dorsett isn’t going.

Here are five facts you need to know about this British beauty.

1. She Was A Reality Television Star

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverley, World Cup WAG, TOMIE, Essex, Reality TV

(Georgina Dorsett at fashion show, 2012 / Getty)

Dorsett was in “The Only Way Is Essex” (often abbreviated TOWIE) in 2012. She starred in 15 episodes of the scripted reality show, which is sometimes referred to as the UK version of “Jersey Shore.” She was fired, or left by mutual decision with the producers, in part because viewers found her boring. One cast member described her as a “damp squib” who didn’t contribute much to the show’s drama.

2. Dorsett Met Man United Baller Tom Cleverley In 2012

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverley, World Cup WAG, personal photo


When Georgina met Tom she was 27 and he was 22. Tabloids called Cleverley her “toyboy,” and his friends allegedly razzed him for dating a TOWIE star. Dorsett, however, was adamant that she wasn’t like the other girls on the trashy reality show: “A lot of the girls in “Essex” like to dress up and fall out of clubs,” she told The Daily Mail, “but I’m not one of them.” When they began dating, Cleverley was recovering from an injury. The new relationship was said to have lifted his spirits toward recovery.

3. Dorsett & Cleverley Had A Baby Girl In 2013

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverley, World Cup WAG, Naveah Rose, baby, WAG baby, Rochelle Hume

(Nevaeh Rose with Rochelle Hume’s baby, both in Man United jerseys / Twitter)

Cleverley announced the birth of the couple’s baby, Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) Rose, on his Twitter account in June 2013, calling it the “proudest moment of my life.” The superstar couple has kept Nevaeh largely out of the limelight, and Dorsett took a backseat in public for the first year of her daughter’s life as well. A very svelte and fit Dorsett had stepped back out and onto pages of fashion magazines by the end of 2013.

4. Her Best Friend Is Rochelle Humes, Singer For The Saturdays

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverley, World Cup WAG, baby shower

(Georgina Dorsett’s baby shower / Twitter)

Rochelle Humes, nee Rochelle Wiseman, started her career as a singer for S Club 8, a by-audition pop English music group. When the band broke up in 2005, Humes became a BBC presenter for a children’s show, and then joined girl group The Saturdays in 2007. Humes married JLS singer Marvin Humes in 2012, and their child is often seen playing with Cleverley and Dorsett’s baby.

5. Dorsett Is A Property Developer

Georgina Dorsett, Tom Cleverly, World Cup WAG

(Georgina Dorsett at the “Fashion Playground,” 2012 / Getty)

Or was a property developer, whatever that means. Once she took up with Cleverley and began the rapid ascent to reality TV stardom, it seems as if Dorsett put her career on the back burner and began to focus on fame and modeling as her primary money-maker instead. We don’t blame her for that one.

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