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On Sunday morning, long-time ESPN anchor Stuart Scott lost his latest battle with cancer.

Scott had both his fans and his detractors, and his personality didn’t quite seem to catch on to most until much later in his ESPN career. Scott had a style and broadcast presentation that was entirely unique and true to him, but, at the same time, was a unique viewing experience to the rest of ESPN’s viewers as well. It was because of his true-to-self, urban-sounding and humble style that Scott did eventually win the hearts of so many fans of the Worldwide Leader — patenting expressions such as: “Booyah!” and “As cool as the other side of the pillow” along the way.

Scott is widely regarded as one of ESPN’s top anchors in its history. He was known for reaching out to his fans. He also understood the magnitude of his role in his profession, as well as the different trail-blazing African-American sportscasters who had come before him:

“I think the job for African American sportscasters 14 years ago was tougher because there weren’t that many. Whenever I see Jim Hill, a sportscaster in L.A. [who’s] been local [in] L.A. for a long time, I thank him. I thank James Brown, who’s with CBS now; I thank John Saunders, who works here, I thank Robin Roberts. Those are the people on a national level who opened doors for me to come here. I hope that we are all opening doors for everyone else.”

Scott’s 20-plus year career included some memorable moments. Here are some of those moments:

1. Stuart Scott — First Show. First Set.

VideoVideo related to stuart scott highlights: top 5 best espn clips2015-01-04T11:41:15-05:00

In September 1993, Scott made his first appearance on ESPN programming.

2. This is… Stuart Scott — His Infamous Commercials

VideoVideo related to stuart scott highlights: top 5 best espn clips2015-01-04T11:41:15-05:00

For over 20 years, ESPN has been producing a revolutionary set of “This is SportsCenter” commercials. These commercials connect ESPN employees with elements of the sports world (such as team mascots) as well as pop culture, while doing so in a humorous, real way. Above, Scott makes his 1st appearance, but that for sure would not be his last.

This Is SportsCenter – Stuart Scott and Maria Sharapova

Espn- Stuart Scott vs Maria SharapovaStu Scott gets Maria Sharapova with the snakes and a tube trick2009-03-13T15:33:36.000Z

This Is SportsCenter – Stuart Scott and Roger Federer

Espn- Staurt Scoot vs Roger FedererStu Scott gets Roger Federer with the snakes in a tube trick2009-03-13T15:32:48.000Z

Dwyane Wade and Mark Jackson Discover Stuart Scott’s Secret – The NBA on ESPN

VideoVideo related to stuart scott highlights: top 5 best espn clips2015-01-04T11:41:15-05:00

3.Scott was a Major Part of ESPN — His Interviews

Sunday Conversation/Michael JordanSunday Conversation on Sports Center by Stuart Scott with the one and only, Michael Jordan, now the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. 3/21/10.2010-03-21T16:32:37.000Z

Scott took great pride in his job, and with the job of being a high-profiled ESPN sports journalist came the responsibility — like many other journalism professions — to maintain honesty and integrity. Scott was a large part of many ESPN segments such as post-game interviews (eventually becoming the sole interviewer for NBA Finals games) as well as pre-taped segments such as ESPN’s Sunday Conversation. One of the Sunday Conversations that Scott was most proud of was his brief one with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

4.”Booyah!” — His Style

Stuart Scott Explains Vince Carter's 360's2011-10-30T04:49:35.000Z

Scott was known for his enthusiastic attitude and style of calling highlights, and regularly invented or brought in other outside world sayings into the sports realm. Above, he describes Vince Carter’s 360 dunk in detail.

Scott essentially invented the term “Booyah!” and how it was applied to an in-game slam dunks, running back juke or walk-off home run. His terms have been Urban Dictionary approved. He eventually created a memorable catalog of his top highlight-calling moments, one more hilariously fun than the last.

5. Stuart Scott Will Now Forever Be Synonymous With Jimmy V — 2014 ESPYs

2014 ESPYs Stuart ScottStuart Scott, ESPN Anchor was awarded the 2014 Jimmy V Perseverance ESPY Award named after the legendary college basketball coach, Jim Valvano, who died of cancer in 1993. Stuart's emotional and highly courageous acceptance speech brought the ESPY audience to its feet by speaking with eloquent candor about his life struggle with battling cancer. Stuart…2014-07-31T15:30:01.000Z

At the July 2014 ESPY Awards, Scott delivered a brutally honest and riveting speech that sincerely captured the emotions of Jimmy V’s 1993 ESPY’s speech.

ESPN gave Scott a platform as he used his battle with cancer to reach out and create clips such this “It’s Time to Man Up!” one to try and give advice and inspiration to others who needed it.

ESPN's Stuart Scott: "It's Time to Man Up!"Stuart Scott, ESPN personality and three-time cancer survivor, shares his story and tells men "it's time to Man Up!" To find out more about State Comptroller Kevin Lembo's "Man Up" campaign, please visit Special thanks to Stuart Scott and ESPN: espn.go.com2012-11-05T20:24:56.000Z

Scott’s vibrant style also landed him cameo roles in several A-list movies, usually as himself, which included: Mr. 3000 (2004), Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005), and The Game Plan (2007).

The last two generations of sports fans grew up watching Scott, and he was an important staple for the modern ESPN fan.

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