Floyd Mayweather Jr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Floyd Mayweather


No. 1 pound-for-pound boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of today’s most well known professional athletes. With unparalleled speed, power, defensive skill, and ring smarts the 11-time world champion has dispatched all who have stood before him– and he has done it in style.

On May 2, Pretty Boy Floyd will enter the ring for his most highly anticipated, and dangerous, encounter when he takes on Filipino phenom Manny Pacquiao.

Here is what you need to know about Pretty Boy Floyd ahead of the big fight:

1. Floyd Mayweather is the Best Boxer of This Era

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Getty)

Grand Rapids, Michigan native Floyd Mayweather Jr. was, as they say, born in the boxing gym. His father, Floyd Sr., and uncle, Jeff, were highly regarded contenders in their day; uncle Roger Mayweather is a former two-time world champion. From birth, young Floyd’s prodigious talent was carefully harnessed and developed to produce one of the most decorated fighters of all time.

In 1996, with an 84–6 amateur record and an Olympic bronze metal, Pretty Boy Floyd turned to profession boxing. Over the next 19 years Mayweather amassed an unblemished record of 47 win, with 11 belts world championships belts across five weight divisions, and victories over 20 world champions including legends Oscar De La Hoy, José Luis Castillo, and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosely.

Check out some of Pretty Boy Floyd’s best moments here:

Now 38 years old, Mayweather has slowed down a bit, but he is still head and shoulders above the competition and continues to dominate all opposition. Mayweather will enter the May 2 superfight coming off of back-to-back wins over mauler Marcos Maidana.

2. Floyd Mayweather is Incredibly Wealthy…

Named the world’s highest-paid athlete multiple times by Forbes, Fortune and Sports Illustrated Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an estimated net worth of $280 million, with career earnings estimated at $430 million.

Mayweather, who goes by the nickname ‘Money,’ not only cashes in on his current 2-year, $180 million deal with Showtime, but also banks on all the fight site revenues.

“Mayweather’s business model closely resembles that of major music artists or groups,” writes Bleacher Report’s Tim Smith. ”They pay a promoter a flat fee to handle the marketing and promotion of the concert and then basically rent the building, taking in all the money from ticket sales, concession and merchandising.”

“What I will do with that millions and millions of dollars be saved for my children because my children are who I love and that’s who I care about,” Mayweather told CNN’s Rachel Nichols.

Lucky kids.

3. …And He Wants You to Know How Rich He Is

Pretty Boy Floyd is, rightfully, very proud of his monetary achievements. His instagram and twitter accounts serve as constant public displays of how he slakes his prodigious appetite for the finer things in life and how he spoils those who are close to him.

Jewelry shopping sprees, massive exotic car collections, private jets, houses and women. When Floyd isn’t focused in the ring, anything goes.

Check out this video of part of his car collection:

4. …And After May 2 He Will Be a Gazillionaire

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Chris Farina – Top Rank

Well, not quite. Buy close. With tickets sales for the May 2 fight topping $74 million, foreign rights to the fight sold for $35 million, and over $300 million expected from pay-per-view sales Mayweather’s superfight against Manny Pacquiao stands to gross over $500 million.

By the time all involved parties are paid, Money Mayweather will likely earn at least $150 million just from the purse.

“The paychecks can soar much higher if PPV buys blow past three million,” Kurt Badenhausen writes in Forbes. “Mayweather’s haul translates to the biggest yearly earnings by an athlete ever, breaking Tiger Woods’ inflation-adjusted record of $125 million for 2008. Mayweather will set the record with 36 minutes of work in the ring no matter what he does the rest of the year.”

5. Floyd Mayweather Did Time in Prison For Beating His Girlfriend

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Floyd Maywether Jr. is lead away in handcuffs at the Clark County Regional Justice Center as he surrenders to serve a three-month jail sentence. (Getty)

Mayweather’s turbulent home life has been well documented, and in 2012 things finally came to a head when the boxer was sentenced to time in a correctional facility after attacking his ex-girlfriend in front of their children.

Although the charges of felony robbery, coercion, and grand larceny were eventually dropped, Mayweather plead guilty to a reduced battery domestic violence charge and no contest to two charges of harassment.

He was sentenced to a 90 day stay. He only served 60 days before being released.

Watch this video of then-friend rapper 50 Cent picking Mayweather up from the joint:


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