What Is BYOG?

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It is hard to watch a Clemson football game without hearing the phrase “B.Y.O.G.”. What exactly does it mean? BYOG is short for “Bring Your Own Guts”.

In a post-game interview after a narrow victory over Notre Dame earlier this season in rainy conditions, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said he told his team pre-game that they needed to “BYOG…Bring your own guts!”

Here is a look at the full interview:

Dabo is a childhood nickname. According to Yahoo Sports, Dabo’s real name is William Swinney but his brother, Tripp, would call him “that boy” which sounded like “Dabo”. After all these years the name stuck with the Clemson head coach.

The BYOG phrase has become a mantra for the Clemson Tigers football team. Nike made shirts with the phrase on it for members of the team.