Devon Allen’s Family: The Pictures You Need to See

Whether he's hauling in receptions on the football field for the University of Oregon or racing for gold in the 110m hurdles for the United States, Devon Allen's athletic gifts are immediately noticeable. But to be successful at such a high level in two different sports takes more than gaudy physical traits. It takes a sturdy support system, and the 21-year-old has exactly that in the form of his family. His fraternal twin sister, Carissa, is a fellow collegiate athlete who has been by his side through every up and down of his life. His father, Louis, is, as Devon puts it, his "biggest fan and best friend." Allen's entire family--thanks to some generous donations on a GoFundMe campaign--will be in Rio providing Olympic-level support, and as he gets ready to run for gold, you can click through the gallery to see and learn more about those behind the burgeoning superstar. (Instagram/CAllen_13)

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