Fantasy Football Rankings 2016: Best WR Rankings Preseason

It is hard to remember an offseason where fantasy owners have been as anti-running back as this past offseason. From the numerous amounts of injuries to top running backs to the disappointing production of players like Eddie Lacy, fantasy owners are turning to wide receivers early and often. Most drafts are seeing an uptick in ADP (average draft position) for wide receivers. It is important to know which receivers you want on your team as they begin flying off the board in your league's draft. Why are people turning away from running backs early in drafts? Runnings backs endure more injuries than other positions. This does not mean you have to avoid drafting a running back early or even in the first round.

It is your team, and you can manage it as you wish but it is important to weigh all the available information. While all leagues are different, expect more wide receivers to come off the board early round than you have seen than in past years. It is also important to know the scoring of your league. These rankings are based on both standard scoring and formatted leagues. Wide receivers in PPR or three-receiver leagues are going to be even more valuable. Click the arrow on the right side of the above image to see Heavy's wide receiver fantasy rankings heading into the season. (Getty)



Jonathan Adams

Thanks for pointing that out out. The shadow of Alshon Jeffrey loomed as I was debating whether to include him in my rankings. Thanks for reading!

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