WATCH: Sixers Fan Gives Russell Westbrook Middle Finger

Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder

Russell Westbrook warming up prior to Wednesday night’s game (Getty)

Philadelphia sports fans have been dogged by a negative reputation for quite some time thanks to the behavior of a few overshadowing the majority who cheer for their teams passionately without crossing the line. Wednesday night during the 76ers’ season opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the highly anticipated regular season debut of Joel Embiid, one fan ended up being a small part of the story.

How? By deciding to tell Thunder guard Russell Westbrook that he was “number one.” With both hands.

This occurred after Westbrook converted a layup while being fouled by 76ers guard T.J. McConnell, and in the video clip above you can also hear what the fan yelled (and if not, it doesn’t take a professional lip reader to figure it out). And shortly after the incident the fan was reportedly ejected from the arena.

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