Aaron Solow, Bayley’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Bayley and Aaron embrace while Aaron wears a shirt promoting the workout drink Freak Off My Leash. Aaron notes in the caption that the shirt was given to him by fellow professional wrestler Charlotte. (Instagram)

Everyone’s favorite huggable WWE superstar and Raw Women’s Champion Bayley is engaged to Aaron Solow, a fellow professional wrestler.

Pamela Rose Martinez, whose in-ring name is Bayley, met Aaron Solow while they were both training together in California. They are now engaged to be married, though no information about the wedding has yet been announced.

Here’s what you need to know about Bayley’s fiancé Aaron Solow.

1. He Is a Wrestler Who Performs on the Independent Circuit

Bayley and Aaron wrestlemania, wwe bayley wrestlemania, aaron solow wrestlemania

Bayley and Aaron attend Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. (Instagram)

Like his fiancée, Aaron Solow is a professional wrestler, and he has performed with a variety of independent promos.

One of those is WrestleCircus, a promotion based in Austin, Texas. With WrestleCircus, Solow has performed with fellow wrestler Ricky Starks in a tag team called Extra Talent-Ed. WrestleCircus recently put on a show at South by Southwest 2017.

Solow has also performed with Laredo Wrestling Alliance, and he is a former tag team champion with Anarchy Championship Wrestling; these are both Texas-based wrestling promotions.

Bayley and Aaron Solow met while they were both training with Jason Styles in California. Solow said on Twitter that he trained with Styles for three years, and Bayley trained with him for four years.

Before coming to the WWE, Bayley performed with independent promotions like Big Time Wrestling, NWA Championship Wrestling, and Shine Wrestling.

2. He Was an Alternate During the Cruiserweight Classic

Bayley and aaron Solow, bayley wwe boyfriend, bayley and aaron

Bayley and Aaron celebrate after Bayley wins the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. (Instagram)

In 2016, the WWE held the Cruiserweight Classic, a competition for performers who weigh 205 pounds or less.

Thirty-two athletes were selected for the Cruiserweight Classic, but because injuries are so common in wrestling, the WWE needed to have alternates in case someone was hurt and had to leave the competition. Aaron Solow was one of those alternates.

“To even be considered to be a part of this means a lot,” he told WWE.com. “There are thousands of guys that want to be in the CWC. Even though I’m not in the tournament, just to be around it and see how it’s put together, and how WWE is treating these outsiders with so much respect is very, very cool.”

Solow did not end up being needed for the competition. He said in that WWE.com interview that he really wishes he was in the Cruiserweight Classic and that “I missed this one, but hopefully, there’s another Cruiserweight Classic that I’ll get to be a part of.”

3. He Has Performed on ‘NXT’ & ‘205 Live’

Outside of the Cruiserweight Classic, Aaron Solow has also worked with the WWE when he has performed with NXT, the WWE’s developmental division.

Recently, Solow performed in a dark match at NXT Takeover: San Antonio. This was a squash match in which Solow was easily defeated by Wolfgang.

And although Aaron Solow was not chosen to participate in the Cruiserweight Classic, in February, he made his debut on 205 Live, the WWE Network show dedicated to the cruiserweight division.

In his debut match, Solow was defeated by Akira Tozawa; this was also Akira Tozawa’s 205 Live debut.

At the time, Bayley chimed in on Twitter to congratulate her fiancé on his debut.

4. He Doesn’t Like Being Known as Bayley’s Boyfriend

The majority of WWE fans know Aaron Solow primarily as Bayley’s boyfriend, and it seems that he is not a fan of that fact.

At least, that’s the position he took in a promo he cut in 2015. He created this video as an audition for Tough Enough, the WWE competition show that was that year entering its sixth season.

In the video, Solow says that he has relocated three times in six years all in an attempt to get noticed by the WWE.

“I’ve been noticed as Bayley’s boyfriend,” he said. “See, I don’t wrestle every weekend and sacrifice my body just to have people yell out, ‘I’m a hugger.’ That’s why I need to be on WWE Tough Enough. I need to prove to everyone out there…that I’m more than just Bayley’s boyfriend.”

Solow did not end up getting picked for Tough Enough.

5. He & Bayley Became Engaged in 2016

bayley wwe niners, wwe bayley san francisco niners, wwe bayley aaron solow niners

Bayley and Aaron attend a San Francisco Niners game. (Instagram)

In November 2016, Bayley got engaged to Aaron Solow.

At least, that’s what was reported in professional wrestling news outlets like SE Scoops and Sportskeeda. Neither Bayley nor Aaron Solow ever actually announced the engagement, and they have never confirmed the news since.

Solow and Bayley frequently interact on Twitter, responding to one another with memes and image macros; Bayley on several occasions has mocked Solow for his “dad tweets.”

Aaron and Bayley have a dog, Flex, who is a staple of both of their Instagram accounts.

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