MLB Power Rankings: Week 5


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How is the team, Colorado Rockies, with the second best record in all of MLB left out?

Jonathan Adams

They are ranked 7th based on their play over the last two weeks.

John B Sanford

In what universe are the Dodgers, who have so far lost the head-to-head competition , and are also several games behind in the standings, ranked multiple places ahead of the Rockies? If actual records are not the most significant factor in determining power rankings, then on what basis are you rankings teams? Garbage…

Jonathan Adams

John, while I consider the entire season, I place a particular emphasis on the last week or two of the season. The Dodgers were 7-3 over their last 10 games at the time I wrote this. I see the top three teams in one tier. After that, I have the Astros in fourth. Teams 5-10 are pretty interchangeable but I give the tie to the teams who have been hot as of late. We don’t just go by record as that would essentially be the standings.

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