The Dunk King Results: Highlights, Dunks & Eliminated Contestants Episode 1

The Dunk King 2017 edition got off to a fast start. Heavy breaks down all the highlights from the first episode and will continue to update this as the results are final.

First, here is a look at the rules. “All athletes performed two dunks each. The six highest combined scores advanced to the next round,” TNT noted.

Chris Staples, who is an actor when he is not dunking, started things off by dunking over three motorcycles which gave him a 97.6.

According to TNT, Alabama native Leon Sewell has broken seven backboards. Here’s a look at one of those seven:

Polish dunker Rafal Lipinski really got the contest started with his first dunk. Lipinski jumped over a person, grabbed a basketball and dunked it without looking behind his head to complete a “blind dunk”. Here’s a look at the dunk:

Lipinski told the judges he used to get up at 4 a.m. in Poland just to watch the dunk contest during All-Star Weekend.

Sir Isaac White out of Houston, Texas noted he has won 400-500 dunk contests over his career. He jumped over two people (one who was 6’6″), grabbed the basketball and pumped it back before throwing down the slam.

YouTube sensation Jordan Kilganon had one of the dunks of the night. He jumped over two people, grabbed the basketball, was eye-level with the rim then put his elbow through the basket on the dunk. Kilganon got the first 100 score of season two.

Defending champ Porter Maberry made a statement with his first dunk. He stopped above the free-throw line, jumped over five people, windmilled then dunked the ball. Maberry got a 99.3 on his first dunk.

Kilganon completed his signature Scorpion dunk in skinny jeans to advance to the next round. The dunk eliminated Lipinski from advancing. White jumped over a boat and a person in his second dunk to eliminate the younger Kilganon brother from contention.

Six dunkers advanced on episode one and six more contestants will advance on the second episode.

Here’s a look at the six contestants from the first episode who advanced to the semi-finals.

1 Jordan Kilganon 199.6
2 Porter Maberry 197.3
3 Sir Isaac White 196.6
4 Brandon Lacue 193
5 Leon Sewell 190.3
6 Davene Carter 184.2

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