2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table Day 1 Recap


The WSOP Main Event final table (2009)

Day 1 of the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event final table featured plenty of surprises and movement among the leaderboard. First, here’s how the field stacked up heading into Thursday night’s play:

Main Event starting chip stacks:

1. Scott Blumstein (Morristown, New Jersey) – 97,250,000
2. John Hesp (Bridlington, England) – 85,700,000
3. Benjamin Pollak (Paris) – 35,175,000
4. Bryan Piccioli (Allegany, New York) – 33,800,000
5. Dan Ott (Altoona, Pennsylvania) – 26,475,000
6. Damian Salas (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – 22,175,000
7. Antoine Saout (Morlaix, France) – 21,750,000
8. Jack Sinclair (London) – 20,200,000
9. Ben Lamb (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 18,050,000

First to be eliminated was short-stack Ben Lamb. Lamb, who finished third in the 2011 Main Event, briefly moved up to 8th place, before going all-in with A9 suited against Jack Sinclair’s AQ. Sinclair’s hand held up, knocking Lamb out in 9th place. Lamb took home $1 million for his finish.

Second to be eliminated was Sinclair. Sinclair shoved with KJ and was called by Brian Piccioli and his pocket aces. The aces held and Sinclair was eliminated in 8th place. Sinclair took home $1.2 million for his finish.

Day 1 chip-leader Scott Blumstein was able to increase his stack from 97,250,000 to 178,300,000. Blumstein has over a 1 million chip advantage over second place’s Benjamin Pollack. Blumstein had lost first place to John Hesp, but won a monster hand against Hesp to regain the lead. Blumstein doubled-up with a set of aces over Hesp’s two pair.

Hesp started the day in second place with 85,700,000 in chips, but fell to fourth place by the end of Day 1, with 22,475,000 in chips.

Day 1 of the Main Event final table was originally scheduled to go until six-handed, but tournament officials decided to call it a night, and pick up tomorrow seven-handed.

Here’s how they will start Friday’s play:

1st. Scott Blumstein – 178,300,000
2nd. Benjamin Pollack – 77,525,000
3rd. Bryan Piccioli – 35,750,000
4th. John Hesp – 22,475,000
5th. Dan Ott – 16,350,000
6th. Damian Salas – 15,625,000
7th. Antoine Saout – 14,550,000
8th. Jack Sinclair
9th. Ben Lamb

Day 2 of the Main Event final table will be shown on ESPN and begin Friday, July 21 at 9 p.m. ET.

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