Garbine Muguruza’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty From Venezuela to Spain, Garbine Muguruza's family has been with her all over the world.

Garbine Muguruza has lived a well-traveled life. The story of Garbine and her family belongs to multiple countries. Both Venezuela and Spain have pieces of Garbine’s heart. Her mother, Scarlet Blanco, and father, Jose Antonio Muguruza, have been a big part of their daughter’s success.

At just 23, Garbine has plenty of tennis ahead of her, but has already accomplished a lot as a pro tennis player. She has won close to 300 matches, and earned $11,128,219 over her career.

After being born in Venezuela, Garbine’s family moved to Spain at a young age. All signs point to Garbine being single making her family the most important people in her life.

Learn more about the Muguruza family behind the 2017 Wimbledon champion.

1. Garbine Muguruza Is Originally From Venezuela

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According to the WTA, Garbine was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Her mother is from Venezuela, while her father is from Spain. Garbine chose to represent Spain in competition.

Garbine moved to Spain at a young age, and found tennis opportunities in her new country. She found herself being one of the best female tennis players in her age group. It was not an easy path, but it is one Garbine thinks about often.

“When you win tournaments, in those moments you think of the process,” Garbine told Elle. “You look back at your family- we changed countries, changed everything just because of tennis. Those moments go by so quickly that you have to slow down and enjoy it.”

2. Garbine Had Difficulty Choosing Between Spain & Venezuela

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Garbine had the option of choosing to represent Venezuela or Spain. She ultimately chose Spain, but it was not an easy decision. Garbine spoke with Tennis Head, prior to making the decision.

“I think I’m going to do it…in the off season,” Garbine told Tennis Head. “It’s difficult. My family, half is in Spain and half is in Venezuela. Someone’s going to hate me so I don’t want to choose.”

3. She Is Superstitious & Once Banned Her Parents From Attending Matches When She Was on a Win Streak

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It is not uncommon for athletes to be superstitious. Many pro athletes have the same routine before sporting events. They may eat the same meal, listen to the same music or have a clothing item they must wear. Garbine may have taken things to a different level.

During the 2015 Wimbledon, Garbine was playing so well she asked her parents not to come to matches. It is not as mean as it sounds. It had nothing to do with her parents, but more to do with changing anything that could stop the wins from coming. She explained her interesting theory to the Daily Mail.

“They watched me on TV or on the computer today,” Garbine told the Daily Mail. “They told me two days ago, ‘We want to come.’ I said, ‘No’. I don’t want to change anything. I brush my teeth at the same time. I get out of bed with the same leg. I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to talk to them now, to see if they’re going to come or not. We will discuss it.”

4. Garbine’s Older Brothers, Asier & Igor, Earned ATP Rankings While Playing for Venezuela

According to the WTA, Garbine’s brothers now have traditional jobs. Asier is an engineer while Igor is an economist. This was not always the case as the two were avid tennis players. Her brothers’ love of the sport was a big reason Garbine started playing tennis.

“I was always following my brothers,” Garbine told Elle. “If my brothers hadn’t played [tennis], I never would have picked up a racket. Tennis isn’t the most popular sport in Venezuela. They wanted to [move to Spain] because it’s a more important sport over there. So we all moved.”

While she followed in her brothers’ footsteps, she took a slightly different route. While her brothers earned ATP rankings for Venezuela, Garbine decided to play for Spain.

5. Garbine Fulfilled the Family Dream by Becoming a Pro Tennis Player

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It was not lost on Garbine that her brothers had to give up playing tennis. Asier and Igor were a big reason for her success. Her way of repaying them was to keep playing tennis. She explained to Elle how she represents her family every time she steps on the tennis court.

“My brothers don’t [play tennis anymore],” Garbine told Elle. “They have their careers, but they weren’t able to make a job out of tennis, so I was the last hope of the family. I actually made the family dream come true just by playing for fun.”

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