Redskins’ CB Josh Norman Started Working on a TV Show

Josh Norman

Getty Images Redskins cornerback, Josh Norman lining up for a play.

Playing football is enough for plenty of NFL players. There’s really no time for anything else. As there are a few months of an offseason before workouts start again, most guys just use that time to hang out with their family and friends and just relax. For Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, he wants to start working on a passion project in his free time.

Over the duration of Norman’s bye week, the Redskins cornerback spent some of his time out in Los Angeles preparing for the television show that he is set to star in and produce. It’s called ‘Taking ConTroll.’ Basically, Norman is giving athletes a platform to get back at their anonymous trolls on the internet. The show is described as “Mean Tweets meets Catfish meets Punk’d” by Yahoo Sports’ NFL writer, Kimberley Martin.

Believe it or not, Norman was a theatre kid growing up. He had aspirations to make it as an actor, but he ultimately chose football. We’re not sure where Norman’s acting career would be without the NFL, but it’s quite evident that Norman chose the correct path with football coming first.

Now that a 30-year-old Norman is comfortable with the big contract that he signed with the Redskins a couple years back, he’s beginning to shift his attention to his other hobbies during his free time. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the NFL world should be well-aware of Norman’s love for the spotlight. As one of the NFL’s most outspoken players, Norman seems like he was born to be an entertainer, as he is undoubtedly entertaining on the field.

Norman’s Take on His Hobby:

“I knew I was different,” he says, smiling. “People went right — I went left. Everyone knew that about me. And I got to college and I truly found my knack, and that was in theater. I was like those theater people; they’re all weird, they’re all crazy. But then again, they have something in them that’s special and unique.”

“I chose football at that moment in time, so theater was always in the back of my mind and now it seems to creep, creep closer to the front,” Norman says, flashing another smile. “And this is one of the things I’m able to do to get there.”

Josh Norman still has plenty of time left in the NFL as his contract with the Redskins runs through the 2020 season. So any Redskins fans who were assuming that Norman was looking towards early retirement can sleep easy. As passionate as Norman is with acting, it’s quite evident that football means a lot to him, as he is one of the most passionate players on defense in today’s game.

As for his TV show, it is still in the works. There’s no set release date, or any further information on it other than Norman is still as involved as possible during his time in the offseason and bye week. Hopefully, it will be out at some point after the season.