The Curry Conspiracy: Twitter Speculates About Steph Curry’s Injuries

Stephen Curry

Getty Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors were routed by the Bucks 134-111 earlier this month in their worst loss of the season, and Steph Curry left the game early due to an injury sustained in the third quarter.

Steph ended the game with a season-low 10 points, and the Warriors were already suffering the beatdown at the time of his departure. So, naturally, some folks on Twitter have speculated that he may have left the game for other reasons, calling into question his identity as a true competitor.

At the time of the injury, Curry was 0-4 from behind the arc–an anomaly for him in general but especially this season. In every game prior he had been unstoppable from three and shooting like an absolute monster–between him and Klay the team has been shattering three-point records left and right.

It was in the third quarter that Curry sustained the injury, when the team was already down by 16 points:

If you watch the play in question, the pain seems genuine. Curry jumps in the air for a block attempt and immediately grabs for his left hip area. He then plays for a few more minutes before eventually heading to the locker room later in the third quarter, but some folks on Twitter weren’t prepared to cut him any slack.

Twitter Speculates About the Injury

Some people immediately took to Twitter to speculate about the injury, recalling other times when the Warriors were losing badly and Steph conveniently left with an injury.

Jay Mota pointed out the coincidence, somewhat sarcastically:

And this person had no sympathy at all for the Warriors point guard: 

Some people called him right out on being embarrassed by the loss:

And David Tukesbrey went straight to the numbers:

A good question from @JoeyLozito:

Dante J claims he’s noticing a pattern:

And apparently Jeff Van Gundy had something to say about the same exact issue months ago:

Okay, Everybody Calm Down

Despite whatever speculation Twitter might turn up, it’s impossible to know whether Curry is genuine or not in his injuries. As a professional athlete and tried-and-true competitor, though–he’s having an MVP season so far and has been putting up insane numbers–it’s pretty safe to assume that when the man says he’s hurt, he’s hurt.

It’s easy to want to look for something to hate, but the only thing we can know for sure is that the Bucks outplayed the Warriors as a team on that particular night. His return date is still uncertain, but I’m sure he’s eager to continue what could be an MVP season for the future 3-point-shooting legend.

All that being said: even without Steph on the floor for however long–and even with emotions erupting between players like Kevin Durant and Draymond Green–the Warriors are still the biggest threat in the league. That’s saying something.

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