WATCH: Steelers Fan Initiates a Fight with a Headbutt

Getty Images Steelers Fans looking disappointed

Before the Pittsburgh Steelers even took a disappointing loss as the favorites against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night, their fans were growing angry. Perhaps a few of these Pittsburgh fans had too much to drink throughout the day. After all, Sunday Night Football calls for a long day of tailgating. And when everybody around is heavily intoxicated, anything can happen in the stands.

Forget watching the game. These fans put on a show in the audience for those who have grown tired of the Steelers blowing a lead, and losing late in the game. We’re not sure exactly how this fan fight went down, but a Twitter user by the name of Kate Brendel caught all the action between multiple Steelers fans and uploaded it to social media, which immediately blew up on every NFL fans timeline.

Here’s the Video

Typically, these types of fights occur higher up in the stadium where the seats are cheap, and the game is hard to see. It’s hard to imagine that the fans who are paying a pretty penny for seats that close are going around looking for a fight. Especially with other Steelers fans. As you can see, the altercation was clearly building up before the camera came out. As the two male Steelers fans were eye to eye, it was only a matter of time until it got physical.

Surprisingly, the fight was initiated by a headbutt that was totally uncalled for. It didn’t end there as a few others got involved in the fight as well. It took a while for security to arrive, but when they did, they didn’t seem quick to solve whatever issue was going on. From the looks of it, nobody seemed to suffer any severe injuries, and it doesn’t look like the altercation escalated to anything too crazy. Just another fan fight in the stands, disturbing the other football fans around them.

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