Avengers Endgame Spoilers: Which Dead Characters Return?

Twitter Thanos on his home planet of Titan in "Avengers: Infinity War."

With Avengers: Endgame now unleashed upon the world, several questions are getting answered (don’t worry, we won’t answer them all right away). Does Bruce Banner figure out his issues with The Hulk? Do the Avengers travel to different time periods and dimensions to stop Thanos? Do characters have to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the universe?

To answer all of the above, you’ll have to see the movie (or check out our spoilers post). For those who’ve seen Infinity War, you know that Thanos wins the day and snaps half of the universe into dust. That includes several of our heroes (unfortunately it looks like more than half. Just bad luck).

Which of those characters return to help Marvel make more money…I mean, to help save the day for future adventures? Let’s take a look. FINAL SPOILERS WARNING!

Which Characters Got Dusted & Which of Them Return?

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Let’s go through this one at a time.

  • Loki, Thor’s brother: Thanos snaps his neck in the opening scene of the movie after relinquishing the Tesseract and the Space Stone. Does he come back? Nope, though he does feature in the movie due to time travel. Tony Stark, Ant Man, Captain America and Hulk interact with him during the Battle of New York in 2012.
  • Heimdall, Thor’s best friend and keeper of the Bifrost: Thanos stabs him in the heart with a spear in the opening scene after he uses Dark Magic to send Bruce Banner to Earth to warn the Avengers. Does he come back? No.
  • Gamora, adopted daughter of Thanos: She gets thrown off a cliff on Vormir so Thanos can exchange her life for the Soul Stone. Does she come back? Yes, but due to time travel, it’s the version of her before she met the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Vision/Scarlet Witch: With the Mind Stone in his head essential to his life, he sacrifices his life to prevent Thanos from capturing all the stones. While Scarlet Witch succeeds in destroying it (and killing her lover), Thanos reverses time with the Time Stone and rips the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head. She gets dusted on Earth. Does they come back? He’s dead as a cold robot. She comes back through a portal to fight Thanos at the end of the movie.
  • Black Panther, King of Wakanda: He gets dusted on Earth. Does he come back? Same as Scarlet Witch.
  • Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts: He gets dusted on Titan. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Drax, Guardian of the Galaxy: He gets dusted on Titan. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Mantis, Guardian of the Galaxy. She gets dusted on Titan. Does she come back? Same as above.
  • Falcon/Sam Wilson: He gets dusted on Earth. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Groot: He (I mean tree) gets dusted on Earth. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp: She gets dusted on Earth after Ant Man and the Wasp. Does she come back? Same as above.
  • Nick Fury/Maria Hill: They both get dusted in the end credits scene of Infinity War just before Fury pages for Captain Marvel. Do they return? They return at the end of the movie after the battle. Tony Stark has a funeral since he sacrificed himself, so they show up.
  • Shuri, sister of Black Panther/T’Challa: She gets dusted off screen in Infinity War. Does she come back? Travels through portal for battle.
  • Spiderman: He gets dusted on Titan in Tony Stark’s arms. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Peter Quill/Starlord: He gets dusted after sabotaging the chances to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos’ hand. Does he come back? Same as above.
  • Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier: He gets dusted on Earth. Does he come back? Same as above.

In addition, various other family members of certain heroes come back after life is restored by Tony Stark and the reassembled Infinity Gauntlet.

So basically, the ones that remain dead (in the present) are Loki, Heimdall, Vision, Tony Stark and (gasp) Black Widow. She sacrifices herself so Hawkeye can retrieve the Soul Stone (the same way Thanos did it with Gamora in the last movie).

That spoilery enough for you?

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