Julian Edelman Asks Tom Brady to Emulate Michael Jordan Photo With Six Rings

Julian Edelman Super Bowl LIII

Getty Julian Edelman was named MVP of Super Bowl LIII.

The New England Patriots have some new, impressive bling after players, coaches, staffers and executives were awarded their Super Bowl LIII championship rings by owner Robert Kraft.

Those rings are, frankly, enormous, fitting for the sixth Super Bowl title and unprecedented success achieved during the era led by Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. Made of 10-carat gold, the rings include 422 diamonds and 20 blue sapphires.

Very few professional athletes can boast six championship rings during their careers as Brady now can. One of them is NBA icon Michael Jordan, and a famous photo of the Chicago Bulls legend sporting his six rings inspired Brady’s teammate Julian Edelman to post a similar image to his Instagram account.

Brady made a nice joke about posing for such a photo, saying the combination required to bring those six rings (each of which is progressively larger) out of his vault takes too long to dial. (Also, his nickname for Edelman, “Jules,” is pretty funny. How many people do you think get away with using that one?)

Comments by Celebs on Instagram did all of us the favor of creating a side-by-side comparison of Edelman’s image with Jordan’s photograph. Check it out:

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??? ???. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by CBC Athletes (@cbcathletes) on Jun 7, 2019 at 3:58pm PDT

Brady showed at the ring ceremony Kraft held for his team that he certainly doesn’t mind posing with those six rings.

So why not indulge Edelman and Patriots fans with a memorable image recorded for posterity? Maybe Brady wouldn’t want to copy Jordan and might prefer to pose for something more distinctive to him. But the tribute would be clear, and how many other athletes could strike such a pose with so much championship jewelry?

There is also the practical concern of the Patriots’ rings being so large that they can’t each be worn on an individual finger. The image Edelman posted doesn’t accurately depict just how massive the rings designed by Kraft actually are. Is it possible to wear each of them on one hand? Might a hand double be required to carry all of those rings?

According to former Patriots executive Scott Pioli, Brady’s hands are “enormous,” one of many reasons for his success, so maybe that wouldn’t be necessary. So there’s probably only one way to find out for certain. Brady will just have to pose for the photo.

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