LeBron James Giving Anthony Davis No. 23 Jersey On the Lakers

LeBron Anthony Davis Jersey

Getty LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts in front of Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Just minutes after a massive trade/trade kicker waiving to clear cap space, another interesting bit of information dropped. LeBron James has decided to hang up wearing number 23 and pass it along to his new teammate Anthony Davis. While it is unknown if the move is related to Davis waiving his $4 million trade kicker, at the very least it is the sign of ultimate respect from LeBron for his supremely talented new teammate.

LeBron James Giving Anthony Davis No. 23 Lakers Jersey

With LeBron hanging up 23, the question now becomes what jersey will he move to? Rumors of a Le6ron return might be a possibility as he could don the same number he wore with the heat.

However, knowing LeBron, he probably has something else up his sleeve in order to keep fans and media on their toes. LeBron giving up 23 to please Davis is also a solid move before heading into the new season. The Lakers desperately need the two to co-exist and dominate the hardwood as even with another max superstar, they won’t have much depth. Any missed time, in-fighting, or general distractions could have major repercussions for a team so top heavy.

Lakers Roster as it Currently Stands

Right now, the Lakers only have Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Kyle Kuzma on the roster heading into next season. While they do have qualifying offers out to Alex Caruso and Jonathan Williams, neither is officially signed to the roster. As such, the Lakers have a blank canvas and $32 million dollars to fill out a team however they see fit around their three core pieces.

Most likely that plan is to go after a max free agent and fill the roster with aging shooters chasing a ring. However, they could build an extremely solid bench unit with that $32 million and should they opt to avoid a max free agent, might actually be better off going in that direction.